• Spectating hackers!
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Spectate in first person is currently not possible as it is client sided.
I mean, so is voice chat as it's peer to peer. (Pardon my ignorance if this is not the same thing, I'm not that well versed in any kind of networking/server-client interaction) And there's a way to listen to voice chat when in spectate mode right now (specnet.true or something similar) Anyway, thanks for the insight, it makes a bit more sense why it's not that easy to setup now. I figure having the client send a flow of images to the server would cause lag for the player being live spectated... So the solution would have to be similar to recording a demo, but from the player's perspective; making it so whenever the live spectating is started, the server now renders a "copy" of the client sided 1st person view (and gui), until the specing is over. (Even if it takes time for the data to "play" to the admin using the command it wouldn't matter, as long as it's saved in a replayable format)
I also agree with 1st person spectate. Everyone said about hacker in my server aimbot, esp etc but i cant properly spectate via 1st person cuz glitched and thats the problem. Ban request from all players with words "he hacks" is not enought evidence. Ideas about how to catch hacker (check combatlog for specific player other usefull tricks commands? Also how i can see who use family share as admin from game or console without rcon and feature from rusty sherieff app on android showing vacs and family share) And about this dumb comment from above: "" by TheGagabou -That's the main reason you do NOT want admins to be playing on a server """ ONLY IF YOU THROW $$$ FOR SERVER EVERY MONTH YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THE FEELING. If you pay for something and you cant use it. Yea spawning stuff and shit is stupid or playing in god mode but therenare a lot of usefull things and spectate too if you use it just like me to play music to others or just watch how they play spectate hackers and etc. without then going to kill em. Also no point to fly, steal others stuff and admin abuse in order to fuck someone or spawn shit and kill everyone with ak for example. Everyone will leave the server and gg.
Hey devs, please take a look! We need to fuck stop the hackers and cheaters!
Here is coin for you man! WE HAVE T OSTOP HACKERS !!!!
First person spectate is simple, the problem though is you want to see their hud and inventory too, essentially like watching a streamer. That other stuff is mainly client-side and just basic info to fill in is pulled from server.
If they just put in a functional 1st person, that would be more than enough for me and it would be amazing. There are functional plugins that allow you to see a player's inventory in live already. (Inculding the hotbar, as if you were in the "inventory hud") Combining the 2 might be challenging ofc, but that's why I'm not asking for anything, I'm hinting at a flaw in the spectating system. I mean, I do admin on a server and did help with paying the bills. We're still adament on our: active, Non-Playing admins; policy. We are in-game, mess around with players during night time or when the pop gets low. But whenever it comes to actually playing (building-fighting-raiding) we stay clear from that. No potential for abuse if admins don't play.
I agree.
I'm surprised the Devs haven't locked this thread yet.
Shhhh... I mean everyone here is being polite, not posting duplicates, suggesting ideas, etc. I'm glad they didn't yet
Yea, i'm also glad. I wonder if the devs have seen this suggestion yet.
I'm really curious to know if they thought about working on it also, like independently of this thread.
I think they have but just choose to keep silent about it. It might be more difficult than we thought to implement such a spectating mode.
Why are we blurry?
This is what I'd assume aswell. They are currently more focused on the roadmap than "little" issues such as these.
I mean it's an important issue as it would address a lot of the hacking claims people face, a hacker is easy to detect once you can see his perspective.
I totally agree. it would be easier to save spectating recordings as proof as well because then you will definitive proof unlike the 3rd person where people have to look multiple times to see if the person actually cheated.
I might just end up falling back to the plugin devs I know to work out the situation if we just keep getting ignored :/ *Cough*Any actual game dev info would probably help the whole thing tremendously.*cough*
Yes I agree. I'm going to Tanzania for a week, hopefully when i'm back there will be good news and a extra spectating option
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Uhm, you do realize that the server never sees the "1st person HUD info" anyways? It's just calculations of where your bullets go and whatever, so how exactly would this technically work? I could only imagine some kind of trojan that gets installed via the game and only activated at times, so you could "capture" the screen of the person. Which is unlikely to be added, since it's illegal. If you don't believe me, read about how networking works in multiplayer games, it's been written elsewhere better than I could explain it.
I wonder how Valve does the spectating with CS:GO then. Could it be a capture of Vector calculations on the target client sent to the spectator? Surely this is possible, just not with the current way spectating works in RUST.
https://steamcommunity.com/games/304930/announcements/detail/848182961223831595 Unturned, game developed by ONE developer. They have command to receive player screen. (spy)
As others have already said: seeing first person is EASY. HOWEVER capturing the aim and stuff, is not.
in unturned you see all client data, hud, mouse, overlays...
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