• Hair Growth In Rust
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I don't know if its a good idea or not but it is just a suggestion, if hair growth could help people see who a fresh spawn or a long lived person would look like for example - a person is walking through with clothes but you don't know how long they have been on the server for so, if they have long hair and a beard (unless a woman obviously no beard) they have been on the server for quite a while if they were bald with no facial hair then the would be new to the server. depending on how useful this might be you could tell if the person has been on the server for a sufficient amount of time or a fresh spawn with clothes. but still just a suggestion probably don't need to add it
I think a lot of people have suggested this in the past, and ever developers have mentioned things similar, like clothes getting grubbier the longer a player has been wearing them/ been alive.
yes i think its a good idea i am happy a lot of people have suggested this
Let my woman's vagina beard grow too.
ok i guess that can be a feature too? :/
Wish I could shave my pubes in Rust
I wish they will make it as you described it, same as in ark basically. IRL'ly thinking, you know. Changing your hairstyle, cutting it all the time, or going wild with it... its the only thing one can change humanly irl...
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