• Please tell me if this is hacks
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Would be nice if a Rust Mod/admin would take a look at this and tell me if they are cheating or not Video on YouTube:
It is often very difficult to decide wether somebodey uses hacks or if he just has good aim... but it is suspicious that he turned to you and gave you two headshots instantly. A combatlog often helps. Or you can check their steam profiles and see how many hours they have in Rust. But in the end you can only guess if they are hacking or not.
This does exist already and is being used by those who know/have the permission. EAC also detects those "no-recoil" scripts almost instantly. So if someone's using them on a VAC/EAC protected server then they'll be out, no doubt. Now on the other hand, seeing as those were admins like you said, they couldve easily deactivated the protection from their RCON, its a single line of command.
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