• A sensibile discussion about building panels that swivel and revealable locks
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What would seemingly be simple but probably not simple changes would allow players to combine gears with wall and floor panels to simply swivel like saloon doors if weighted, floors could be purposed as trap pits while walls could swivel open, perhaps even allowing you to place a lock in the same manner as dropbox but it could be hidden and revealed much like stashes. This could improve raiding longevity and solo viability. This would also replace sleeping bag vaults that allow players to bag into stone rooms and pick their way out with their secret storage with stored picks. Rather they would simply have a hidden lock on their wall that pops the swivel loose.
stright stairs and doors that are left or right in the frame wood be nice also round windows and perhaps even a port cullis ...a sliding door that works with wieghts wood be good too
Left or right sided door frames would be nice. They never match the stairs
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