• Quarry in disuse, useless exterior walls.
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I think the player has not used Quarry again since it can not be protected, it is not usable by any player, the wall was the only thing that protected it, there is no way to have a private Quarry. Every time a player in a video finds a Quarry he gets rid of it. It was good to have a mechanism in the game that works for you with the fuel you got. My suspicion, is that they are about to remove the Quarry from the game, what do you think? And you can not use the outer walls either. The developers have gotten the user to start using some things that were in disuse, but the exterior Quarry and wall has no use.
maybe they could remove them... but there are still very few players that are using a quarry so why should they remove it? it doesnt disturb anyone.
I think the quarry is a very good idea but they should remove it for the time being and rework it so it will be actually be useful.
I have not said that my wish is to eliminate it, but I suspect that maybe developers do, but I suspect that with the updates of raideo the developers have abandoned it, and users no longer want to use it because it looks like having the Quarry booty open.
Just got one in game, haven't placed it yet. Is it researchable? If its craftable, then who cares if it gets destroyed?
The problem posed is that the Quarrys can access with a ladder. That's why you do not have to use it, people do recycle it. This is the serious mistake of the developers, they should spend time developing how to make the players trust the Quarrys again.
You simply have to place high external wall around it... It's not that complicated, it takes around 20 to complete a circle around it. For the gates, you can use gates OR hand-made airlocks. If you use the latest, you should place a damaging barricade on top of it so people cant just scale it and walk over it.
It is researchable, it's a tier 3 item so it costs 750 scrap to research.
Assuming I understand this correctly, there are a few places where you're wrong. True, people rarely use quarries if they are solos because they are large and give away position, and if you place it elsewhere they are hard to defend. If you place it outside, it can also be used for cover by raiders and campers. Groups often use them, even my group, which is 3 people uses them. Even duos use them. As for the high external wall, they've always been scaleable by ladders and that has been exploited for a while. I doubt they remove the quarry and High external walls are very useful.
They have been scalable for a while, but they just recently buffed the hell out of the spikes on top of them. You can't "power through the spikes" anymore, unless you're willing to lose a lot of time and healing supplies.
You get more resources recycling the quarry than actually using it.
Not true if you're after sulfur, stone, frags or HQM and have an abundance of fuel laying around. That's a great way to free chest space and transforming it in usefull ressources. It obviously depends on what you're looking for and what's your luck with the survey charges.
I know how they work. I have scaled them post-buff and have done so repeatedly.
my take on the quarry is that its only purpose is to give the advantage to clans as a solo player its useless, the time i waste farming fuel for it, i gather more than the quarry, so it doesnt do me any good, i quit playing for a year when it came out....the fact that its hard to protect has nothing to do with it, its too easy to farm the stone needed, i can do that in like an hour...its the fuel that is the problem, as a solo i cant waste time doing that....and i cant stay up 24/7 to keep it running...
Perfect then :P was just making sure
Building system 3.0 is bound to cause some changes. so lets wait and see what that causes.
you can also place a turret to protect it
I'm a solo player and always use quarries, they are simple to defend, with well placed High External Walls and 4 well placed auto turrets, I leave them running over night, I have them in various biomes to gather all of the resources and 9 times out of 10 they are fine in the mornings. I think the main reason for this is, people believe them to not be very good so don't want to waste their resources raiding them so leave them alone, for fuel you would be surprised how many players ignore the pump jacks in rad towns, i get loads of crude from them and just refine it down, My only wish is that the area around quarries that you cant build in would be slightly reduced so you don't have to have a huge compound around them.
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