• Dick size too small
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Why can't rust make customizable dicks?? For example you can craft strapons, you can make 10 foot dicks, and whatnot. It would benefit the community.
And the female players can adjust their boob size according to the amount of XP they have.
Why can't we have both a big dick AND big boobs? I think thats the answer to all our problems with complains about generated models. Make us all trannies.
The new update changed my race and dick size. I was a black man with a small dick. Now im a white guy with a big dick. I find this odd that I got such a drastic change (since its claimed your character is linked to Steam ID) in the new update. Has anyone else experienced similar?
I think when they update/improve the character models, there is a chance your character will change. That happened to one of my friends, too. I guess they have to integrate the new models somehow.
literally unplayable
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