• Forced Wipes?
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New to Rust, really enjoy the game. But is there any idea on when the forced wipes will stop? A monthly wipe ruins any chance of player development because each month your base/blueprints are gone and you have to start all over. Many of us want to have progression. In my opinion this is by far the biggest issue with Rust. Any idea on when this will be fixed?
I don't see them as a problem. I see them as the only real method the devs have to implement massive, game-changing updates that can drastically alter how the game functions. They are necessary and while there are plans for a wipeless rust down the road, (a long way down the road) we won't be seeing it any time soon.
That's a real bummer. The core of the game is a resource/crafting survival situation that is supposed to have progression (the wipe free rust you mentioned). So the wipes are most definitely a problem, they are not supposed to be there, the game is not meant to be wiped frequently, no game is. It is a bummer you don't see this as a problem. Think about it a little more. Also you made a claim that wiping is the only way to update the server... again the thinking... If this were true then all games would be constantly wiped in alpha. However, Rust stands out as the only game with this implementation style. Constant wipes are game breaking.
Constant wipes? Hardly think monthly is constant
Keep in mind folks that this is a game in development. Whether the wipes are necessary or not doesn't matter, it is what it is. I personally like the wipes, it gives me more opportunities to try different approaches to survival than I might do otherwise. At some point they may get to the wipeless stage which I'm also looking forward too, as this will provide different challenges. It's a game of survival and adaption. Adapt.
I think if rust become wipeless the game will die, if a pop of a server decay so much in 3 days after a wipe, imagine if this servers never wipe?! Anyone want to start on a server in desvantage with the others. This a unique style of gameplay for survival games, u need to be fast after a wipe or try your luck in another server
A "Wipeless rust is possible. but there would have to be some way to set players back. the Building system 3.0 might make the Mega Clan bases that dominate the map a thing of the past, or it might make the clans build smaller and more raidable bases.
On the official servers they don't wipe blueprints monthly. They wipe bases and items but not blueprints learned.
What I mean by the only way to make large changes is that if they are adding new monuments and other things like that, they can't insert them into an existing map. These changes require a map wipe. With a monthly wipe format, they can preform these updates and make necessary changes. They also allow changes to progression to be made. If Facepunch were to make any changes to the speed of progression, they can't tell how they operate without wiping current progress. That's what I mean.
I think wipes are a bandaid fix for bigger problems that are very hard to resolve.
Hey, starting out here on rust tmrw - I also see that as a big problem. The thing is, though, there are two problems with not having wipes. First of all, huge bases with no end get bigger and bigger till you just want to play on a different server and not be way behind; wipes make everyone virtually equal. Two, It makes so you can get to a point where there's no real challenge anymore. But, yeah, I agree - Monthly is way too consistant. What do you think should be the time gap between? Sincerely, Sauce
As far as I know its only a bp wipe every two months, last month the bp's did not wipe so they should this Friday (AUS) , You cannot really have a "wipeless" rust as even on a very low pop server once you have all the bps and have your base built and hopefully safe there is nothing much else to do except raid someone, or build yet another base , As most of the players i have raided have left the server it kind of lowers the population a fair bit after a while, I find that a lot of players dont stay around once they have been killed a few times by the Heli or by the Npc's or bots. "Also you made a claim that wiping is the only way to update the server... again the thinking... If this were true then all games would be constantly wiped in alpha. However, Rust stands out as the only game with this implementation style. " Hate to tell you but its not a new idea, Discovery Freelancer did it every time they brought out a new mod and you started from the beginning again, I played it for 11 years until the server folded due to anticipated release of Star Citizen (which didnt happen for another 2 years) , The Discovery Servers are still running but as they are primarily "role playing" there is not interest for me
Wipes once a month aren't that had. Back before Rust was on Steam, garry once had to wipe the one online server at the time twice in the span of three days. The reason for such a rapid wipe turnaround was at the time Unity had a very low physics collider count (65k), and once the server hit that count, no new objects could be placed, at all, until some were destroyed. And that's where object decay came from. The object limit in Unity has since been raised to be so high that for Rust's purposes it's basically unlimited. Object decay has remained as a part of the meta for other reasons.
i prefer the servers to wipe every month than not at all cuz then people will have every single bp and no new people will be able to start playing and get a base up without getting raided
I used to play monthly servers...but its far too long and by that point you are raiding people just to see what they had. You need nothing from them and mostly raid just for shits. Progression is completely finished after 2 weeks at most then from that point forward its just dickin around. Now maybe the case is you dont have sufficient time to have a lengthily online session..if thats the case, search for x2 or x3 servers.
The entity limit is now around the 220K limit after that the server will encounter random problems with creating/building/lag , servers reach that limit around the 4 week period (high pop servers sooner) so a wipe is really needed once a month, but for bp's every two months is soon enough. and hasnt Rust always been on Steam ? also when experimental came out the servers were wiping sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I used to have to build a new base at least twice a day. longest period i kept a base was 4 days
No. Before it was launched on Steam in December of 2013, it was playable in browsers using the Unity Webplayer. It was very early, and anyone could hack using CheatEngine. The only browser that offered GPU acceleration was Opera, so performance was terrible for anyone not using Opera. There was no anticheat; the only bans handed out were ones applied after garry/the devs personally witnessed people hacking or otherwise cheating. For most of this period there was only one running server. Pushing to get Rust running as a standalone Unity app, instead of a Webplayer package, was a major milestone in the development of Rust Legacy. Doing so allowed it to go onto Steam and enable VAC, which banned 300+ players in the first ban wave a month after Rust went live.
monthly wipes are ok, i think. i have learned most things after 2-3 weeks anyway, and my base is fully buildt, and all there is left to do, is raiding bases, taking down choppers and blow up bradley. just for the fun of it. any longer span in wipes would make the server more boring in the long run. as for now, the biggest challenge is to raid military tunnel with crossbow
I was still immersed in playing Discovery Freelancer when this game launched and didnt get it till July 2014 but pretty much play it every day since then,
You're gonna keep that opinion (Wipe Rust is bad) until you have everything in a server in one week after a wipe, that's when you're going to understand it's actually quite boring, especially when you're dominating servers (Modded ones) and the population is so low because no one can do anything against you. If they have a wipe they can at least try again.
Your BPs aren't usually wiped for a few months just the map wipe. If they didn't wipe the map then new players wouldn't start and old players wouldn't carry on playing because it would get really boring.
I bought this game along with around 40 of my friends & family to play together. I host the server private & we all connect over Hamachi without a problem at all. We built a little city & have team battles & so forth. Built one hell of a maze with doors & different levels. Took weeks to build. Then Rust issue's an update that wipes the servers. We we're lead to believe that server wipes we're for public servers & not private servers with restricted access. We all came to the agreement to not bother with the game in that way anymore & we rarely play online together on official servers. So, for us, Forced wipes ruined what was a highly enjoyable game. I don't want to be told to wipe because the devs want to impose a new update. Its not up to them how we want to play the game or what enjoyment we want from it. We paid money for the game. We should be able to play it how we see fit. The reason we don't play official servers. Because it's been made quite clear. After map wipes. Some how people still retain identical bases in the same places or you have people in towers, overlooking spawn points sniping at anyone who spawns. We used to play minecraft together but that got very boring with its low quality nature. This game felt what minecraft should have been like. The downside for us was being forced to lose everything. Even if we didn't want to play on official servers & keep to the private server. It feels like another Apple. Being told how to use something you've paid good money for & having random wipes because the devs think its good for you to start again every month or so.
The developers have always stated that the game is still under development and will not be completed for some time, The wipes are not ramdom and come the first Thursday of the month (or so). As a family group it would be easy to reconstruct the buildings and as the Admin you can easily give all players all the BP's available , The use of plugins like ZLevels extended would enable the players to retain their gathering rate. The use of the Kits plugin would enable you to give players the required tools/weapons they need.
As a prior Special Events server owner, I feel for you on that issue and I totally agree. For my staff we just had to implement areas that allowed us to at least attempt to reconstruct. Mods helped in a lot of ways but were/are limited. I haven't shelved our concept but rather tabled it for now. With customization in mapping and some allowances in editing it is a step in the right direction for the future. This is what I am working and holding out for as our design is elaborate and extensive and we need to embed our map layout so it cannot be altered by a update
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