• Auto Turrets
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Hi Change the resources needed for a auto turret.. i can't play on vanilla.. only turrets You can not go through the woods like there are 100 turrets.. Please.. Change the price from HQ .. 100 or 150 HQ for one. Thanks.
I could actually agree, because the only difficulty in acquiring a Turret is actually getting the Blueprint for one, otherwise they are quite easy to make. CCTV Cameras and Laptop Computers are quite common, but I don't think its a huge issue. They're still a resource sink and require constant maintenance (Checking for damage, filling with bullets). Turrets are a lot less dangerous now than when they immediately locked on and shredded you, so if you're cautious, you should be fine. Avoid large bases, bushes and any suspicious structures.
And where do you want me to walk ... or go to the room? through the base? on EU2 on the way to launch are 10 turrets
Walk behind them or out of range. Turrets can only shoot what's in front of them. If you are so unobservant as to not notice the bloody great big red laser showing you exactly where they're pointing then, quite frankly, you deserve to be shot. What next? Red battlefield Doritos because you didn't spot a player in time? Stop whining. Turrets are designed to guard an area and deny others access. they're working as intended. Git gud scrub.
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