• Unplayable FPS spikes. Help
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Hey guys, i'm not that great with computers but can easily follow instructions, I like to play rust alot and recently i have been experiencing some unplayable moments of <1 fps for up to 6 seconds at a time and its countless the amount of times this has frustrated me or caused me to lose some stuff. I have already tried various solutions but none have fixed it and yes i play with absolutely everything on zero apart from draw distance. If it helps the specs i think will be important are listed below. CPU: i5 7600k GPU: GTX 1060 6GB vram RAM: 8GB Please share if anyone knows a fix.
Please try to make only one thread on the same topic! Rust is Early Access right now, and performance hiccups are to be expected. The best you can do is to search some ways to limit memory usage, because 8GB of RAM can be considered "Relatively Low". A few personal tips would be to open Task Manager (if you're on Windows), and see what is using the most Memory. If its not a system-critical process (i.e its a Browser or some other downloaded application), you should "end process" to try and free up memory.
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