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As a player of 700hs in the game, wich is not that much tbh, i can gladly say that rust is my favourite game by far, and im gratefull to the devs for making such a good work. i surelly wont stop playing for a long time now, but i would like to make some suggestions that i think are very important for making the game even better than it is right now. PERFORMANCE 1) This is mostly important to give the aspect of kind of "produced game" that it is. For example: the menu needs a lot of work. Its empty, kind of boring, and its not working that well. Its kind of laggy, servers sometimes dont show up, if you refresh the server a considerable amount of time you will stop seeing them till you restart the game, etc. 2) Performance in game. This one is i think one of the most controversial theme talked about in the rust community. And its gotta be fixed. I know there is actually an existing progress in this, but it needs more work. It cant be possible that to run the game at medium graphics you have to have a high tier graphic cards or a good pc, knowing that other last generation games like battlefield 1 need least resources to perfectly run. Thanks for reading, and sorry for my bad inglish or my bad redaction. Greetings.
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