• Limiting the power of massive clans.
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Now we all know that massive clans in Rust are a problem for those starting out so I have a suggestion of a change that would be beneficial for clans and solo/duo/trios as well. What we need in order to do this, would be a clan system. Only with a clan system could we put restrictions in place to help out smaller groups or solos. Course if Facepunch got an idea like this they could take it and run with it and make it even better, but the idea that I have is that we have a clan system where you can invite players to join perhaps have the benefit of seeing their names or something. But doing so will increase the cost of scrap in order to research blueprints, and to build workbenches based upon how many people are in the clan. It will still be highly beneficial to be in a clan, being able to see friendly names in green or something would help people out, but it would also be a way in which we could limit the power of clans. Presently a tier 3 workbench for a solo player is basically something that doesn't happen. Only clans can obtain it for the most part (unless you got a TON of time, no job etc). I think with a change like this we could reduce the costs for solo players to research things and build workbenches and increase costs for massive clans but still benefit both.
having clan system in non-structured game is like going to an orgy with chastity belt installed and locked. big NO for idea
Thats not good, they just have to play together and no invite anyone for the clan, this idea onle help the clans
It'd be easy to force them into it, anyone using building priv (tool cupboard access) or even using the door codes to your doors would be added into your clan in the clan system.
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