• Community Update 160
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hey, thanks for sharing my model here, but this its not fridge its vending soda machine.
"I can't respond to everything, but I read every comment and take" Take what? TAAAAKE WHAAAAAAT
Thanks for the amazing content! When will the tape recorder appear in the game, or other sound reproducing devices?
Looking out for the update tomorow!
Please for the love of christ get some DDOS MITIGATION ON UR OFFICIAL SERVERS!!!!!! Uggggggg. US east 1 has been down 50% almost for the past 2 weeks and it takes the piss. Lost 60k stone bc i had lots of walls qued and the server got dossed and timed me out. GG
Sorry, don't use Twitter and in other places there a lot of noise. So anyway:
The image of the revolving shotgun really makes me want to throw a book on gunsmithing at whoever made it.
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