• New Door Frame Wanted!
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I would like to see a new wall panel/single door frame where the door could be offset to either the left or the right, it could be flipped left and right similar in how you flip the way a door opens whilst using your building plan, the benefit of such a door frame is two fold. Firstly you can easily place stairs behind them, and access the stairs straight on instead of the current stupid jumping you have to do to get on your own stairs, you also wont need to use the more expensive double doors to get a smooth and quick access to stairs. Secondly you could also use them in corridors alternating left and right side so that even if the doors are all open there is no clear line of sight along the corridor, this would also help with base defence when creating airlocks etc, and would also make for more interesting indoor fire fights, giving players areas of natural cover to fight from. What ya think?? come on facepunch if we cant have armoured ladder hatches how about this???
That's actually a good idea. Having the frame offset to either the left or right as required would make things a little easier and be a nice alternative to double doors.
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