• Twig Raiding??
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Used to play Rust all the time and quit when you could raid with twig walls... while in a building blocked area. Is this still the case??? Looks like there are a ton of awesome changes so I really hope this aspect is no longer!!
You can only place twig foundations, ceiling/floors and ladders in a building blocked area now, you cannot build walls or stairs etc. anymore.
but you can still get on nearly every base with ladders
Which tier do you need to be to have ladders though?
Tier 1, but you still have to find the BP or discover it via workbench experimentation.
The removal of twig stairs was the best change while still keeping in-line with making raids more cohesive, and less of a frustrating affair.
Yea it was pretty ridiculous but they removed it you can only place twig foundations and floors now. Though I hate how ladder raiding basically forces you to build in a certain way it takes away from the sandbox aspect of Rust.
Ladders are indeed a pain. I think a second level of upgrading materials via hammer to allow ladder to not be placed, or to deteriorate quickly, would help in that regard. I personally would rather fight off or die raided whioe online, than log on to find someone used a few ladders to raid you while you were offline.
Out side wall barbed wire might be nice, like the nets only its barbed wire and goes on as a layer to the outside of a wall.
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