• Rust could use a heatmap
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had to take some time off rust because of another friendly server i play on got over ran with violent groups and clans. i tried moving still couldnt get away from them. ive been playin this game for a while now and the friendly player base is almost gone now i know its not realistic but i really want a super map. any group or clan should be listed on the map where their base is and how large they are, if they kill on site and where they kill at. if a clan or group is raiding and killing a lot they should have a known reputation in the game world. kind of like in gta online the system they have but for rust. it will also encourage and help good groups find each other and the groups that just raid all the time will not be anonymous. its at least worth thinking about
rust.io offers a heatmap for server that have the plugin/mod installed. But its live so there could be a darkred spot in the middle of nowhere because the was a big shootout
but rust.io isn´t updated --> it doesn´t support the new maps
Play on rustonia. Based in LA and have a great group of friendly players. Offline raids are banned and we use antiofflineraid plugin to maintain it. If you want a great group of people who don't KOS but will protect the town. Come join.
Heat maps definitely add an interesting dynamic to the game. I don't think it would stop people from shooting nakeds but it certainly becomes a consideration in popping off shots if you don't want to draw attention to your area. You could also abuse it by potentially shooting clan members in an area as a means of attracting other players to that spot. (Think of the helicopter exploits, where you engage next to someone elses base.)
Heatmaps could be realy usefull for PvE events. For example somewhere is a big fight and after that that peacekeeper robot we got some concept art from goes spawns there.
im gonna check you guys out im on the east coast tho so it might be too laggy for me but ill try it thanks
Its a high quality server host with very low latency. its also based in Dallas so mid of the map. Im in la and my ping is 25. you should be good.
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