• Small Hip Lantern Idea
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An idea came to my head while sitting in the dark in Rust. I thought, what if you could attach a small lantern to your hip, that had its own individual equipment slot for it and then activate with "F". It would consume low grade fuel. It does not seem like it would be overpowered by any means. Similar items have been in various games. Any thoughts on this? I would love to see this or something similar to this implemented. Korn
No disadvantage to this, making us wear a helmet/hat for illumination, or keeping it on a weapon firces us to make a choice over more protection/pick/axe.
Do you really need more light? There are miners hats for low tier and weapon flashlights for higher tiers.
I would like to see more light options for rust. Flares/Glow sticks/flood lights. Anything to make night time more lit up at night. Also home made fireworks from beancans would be nice
I agree, it wouldn't have a disadvantage like the hats do, but it would just illuminate your surroundings, it would not necessarily be combat efficient. Only make you more of a target if anything.
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