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Why do we have to be stuck with our characters. I got this ugly black girl with granny gray hair and pubes. I don't want to be black for one and then looking like a nan, no thanks. Please allow us to change cause my character is depressionly ugly
Agree. Let's give a chance to drop the character.
You guys sound like those non binary people lol, just identity as an Apache helicopter in game.
Not saying you are but you really come across as a racist, why do you care what you fricking look like in a FPS game where you barely ever see yourself ? In the end, male/female - black/white/asian/hispanic means jack shit. I think Facpunch is sending you a message you are not picking up on, when we spawn with just a rock and a torch, we are all equals. Worry more about that guy/gal who made that spear and is eyeing you for your fat and skull. Not weather you are a Barbie/Ken fashion model.
Starting out his statement with not liking that he is black, instead of being a granny indicates racist tendencies. But we all have differing opinions, clearly you and i differ on this subject.
Regardless to what kind of Race card one wants to play. Regardless of one wants out of their own character customization. Regardless of what anyone thinks... It will not change, deal with it.
Nah bro it's realistic. I don't wanna be a black, grayhaired granny lookin mofo IRL, but these are the cards that have been dealt to me and I have to make amends with it. Rust shares that randomness and ruthlessness.
It needs to be random to insure diversity. Deal with it or you can pay for a new account if it bothers you that much.
You didn't really get to decide your looks and race when you were born irl so why get to choose when you are born into the world of Rust?? Plus who cares it's a game man. just make a balaclava to cover that ugly mug.
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