• Possible way to combat Zergs
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So i am sure this needs to be fleshed out more, but i was thinking there has to be a way to discourage the overwhelming zergs, but make it consistent with a more realistic effect. So i give you disease, when you are in the vicinity of the same 4 or more players your movement speed is gradually slowed more and more the longer you stay together, the longer you stay near other diseased players, and the greater the numbers, the detriment will increase exponentially. This could be enhanced to reduce health, or increase hydration or hunger use. Lets say after 15 minutes the effects would fade, and maybe it would take 20 minutes of contact in those groups in order for the disease to develop. To combat the effect make large medi-kits be the only cure, this would also increase the large medi-kits usefulness. I guess adjusting the group size and lengths of the disease would need to be ironed out, but it would discourage those massive zergs that monopolize servers and ruin the game for solo, and small groups. Let me know what you all think, or post ideas that combat the zerg but are in line with Rust's realism.
Yes there needs to be done much for small groups, but not by reducing health or movement speed for someone... You can just join a Solo/Duo/Trio server ;)
that sounds pretty dumb
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