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I would like to start off this thread by saying that I have spent most of my time in Rust playing either solo or with one other person. Ever since I started Rust, nearly two years ago, it has easily become my favorite game and in my opinion the best open world survival game on the market. During the early to middle stages of the component system I would play vanilla servers almost every wipe, but I started to notice something after a while. Every wipe I played with a friend we would easily have SARs and road sign armor, hell some wipes we had AKs by the second day, but without fail by the third-Fourth day of wipe people had C4 and were raiding anyone they could find. Which makes me ask the question, is this what Rust is supposed to be? Please tell me, where is the fun in skipping to mid or even end game by the time a quarter of the wipe is done? I got bored of Rust in the component system around January of 2017, so I took a break. When I heard BPs were coming back I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I was so excited. Because I hadn't played in a few months I knew I that I had lost my past PVP skills. So, I logged in for the first time in months and started playing on combat tag servers to control recoil and learn to use a gun again. Once I was able to win most of my rounds on combat tag I moved to battle royal to get more of a realistic Rust PVP feel. When blue prints hit I was ready to play again and oh my God it was the most fun I've had on Rust in a long time, and it keeps getting better. Anyways, I'm sorry for the essay here I just wanted to say, thank you FacePunch for bringing back BPs. I know this will probably never get read by any of the FacePunch staff, but I just wanted to say thank you for making Rust fun again. Many people will disagree with me and say that "this update hurts solo players and helps big clans." but I have not seen any signs of that personally. I think that the new experiment ability on WB will definitely help smaller groups get more rare items, and there are ways to avoid bigger clans so you can farm and get scrap especially with the new tiers on the map. I'm going to end this off here so I don't keep ranting and make this thing even longer. To all the staff at FacePuch , seriously, Thank you.
Cannot agree more, i have most of the newest titles on steam, and i barely play any of them now, just Rust, Rust, and more Rust.
Yeah. Rust belongs to my circle of the three mightiest games yet, besides Rocket League and CS:GO. Not everything is perfect but the devs are doing a great job lately, especially with the blueprints. Rust has so much potential and I'm excited to see where it goes.
Coin well spent.
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