• Grouping system, colour dots, Map location, Scrap metal, small menu [SUGGESTION]
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Here is a GROUPING Suggestion of mine with some bright idea's and stuff to make gameplay with Friends much more easier: SUGGESTION IDEA: Grouping system to allow seeing your friends visually in first person and on the map grids (locaction) A small green dot not to big actually small to indicate that this is your friend(s). A small menu in the TAB bar or crafting menu, that allows you to invite friends you have added on STEAM. Each friend you add to the group will raise the Scrap because you need to pay scrap in order to keep the group growing: so lets say 1 person starts with 50 scrap, 2 = 75, 3 = 150, 4 = 250, 5 = 500, and so on and on so we can reduce having large Zergs around. Can allow a option (Leader, Co-Leader: to Kick people, Leader can decide if people in the group can use doors and/or get building privilege, open/close doors (without code ). Me personal opinion: i have many hours in rust over 3k+ i have been playing since Legacy, i like the harsh way or dealing with shooting a friendly or a friend a risky responsible, but i think for newcomers in rust that are seeking friends and not get lost straight away or shooting a friendly. Also i think this is really good for future prefferences like PVP servers instance. (New people, Roleplayers, PVPers, Admins, Streamers) Please tell me what you think in the comments down below, i play this game like a no-lifers 6+ hours a day, im trying to help the DEV's to get new inovations are idea's for the whole game itself, this can be turned ON and OFF in server options, but i mainly think official servers should have this. Thanks, Kaano.
I like the direction how Zergs would have it more difficult, but i dont want the dots... it is a challenge to distinguish friends from enemies. But i would love, if doors and building privilege would be added automatically.
I know what you mean, but a small dot how can choose in a menu the size and transparrancy of it would be nice.
But if a bad boy gets in and gets TC then its GG.
This could force players to Wipe the TC privilages and how amazing would it be if you got it to work against a huge clan haha. But in reality the dots on the map would not work.
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