• Why is this game feel like RL work then playing for fun.
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I started playing when the XP system was in effect, Loved that system! because singe players and clans have a pretty even trade off of getting or losing gear. A single player with an ak could take on multiple people, and if you died it wasn't too hard or timely to farm and gear up to go pvp some more. Where as a big zerg died it was about equal effort to go farm up to get that gear again, but most likely whoever is a zerg would win. But hey, spending the time to farm up and go have fun again wasn't all that bad and made the game fun instead of the way it feels now...like slave work. ok maybe it was too easy to get aks and stuff, but hey it was fun for anyone being able to want to roam around solo and not worrying about the time needed to re farm the gear if they died to a single player or a zerg they couldn't possibly beat or even to a cheater because it just didn't take that much time to rebound back. Then Rifle bodies were introduced, I didn't really like it at first but it was too easy to get an ak and the game needed a place where people could challenge each other for loot and made you really think about when to bring your ak out to roam around. the major downside is that every server regular has really large groups of people camping and farming the rad towns. Granted you could still get away with getting a rifle body except for on the really popular servers like rustafied or rustymoose zergs own the rad towns and single players are lucky to even get close to them. Life was hard for the single to small group players. Now you guys added this scrap component system to the game and just put every zerg or good size group to have so much of an advantage over everyone else. The amount of work it takes to make and farm stuff is ridiculous. you guys say you are doing more stuff for the single player and small groups but actually doing everything the opposite. I mean are you devs part of the zergs or just not paying any attention to how much your handicapping the single player? Im not going to even get into this new ladder thing that came with it. but pretty much any base is a 10-24 rocket raid... and if raiding is so easy and even more so when there are big clans involved .... when wipe day comes, over half the server gets raided and the reason the rest of the server didn't is because they never logged offline. so first day half the server gets wiped out. how is that healthy for any server? and to last 1 week or more for next wipe... oh and if you say hey rockets take lvl 3 work bench guess what? any decently sized group has that on the first night. oh and what do single players have? barley trying to get to work bench lvl 2 if they are lucky... Make the game fun again please so much potential here. (don't hate the grammar hate the truth.)
I liked the XP system. People said it was too linear but I don't understand why linear is a bad thing. If anything the BP system is linear because its a endless scrap farm for small groups or solo's. XP system gave each individual player a sole purpose so that you could craft your own items and you had incentive to explore the lands and collect every resource possible and kill every animal for the XP. Leveling up was gratifying compared to now where if you're part of a group, there's typically one or two individuals who learn all of the blueprints due to the sheer cost in scrap, and if those people log offline without crafting you stuff you are basically out of luck. Makes people feel left out.
If i see another XP system thread then i'm going to puke. At least make paragraphs if you going to type an essay.
Why you hating dawg, it's just a discussion. You didn't have to click on it
i'm discussing the post as you can see. and i'm pointing out my views on it. You don't have to click reply if you don't like my view on this post.
You can go ahead and puke now
if that is not clear, it's obvious that one of us is playing wrong game
all I am trying to say is this system is way to much work to be able to go out and blast people. secondly the bigger the group you have the more overwhelming advantage you have compared to the other systems in the past.
This game is brutal in every aspect. This is why it has a hardcore almost cultish following. The mechanics are such that it is literally open ended. The grind is tough,staying alive is tough (and more of a badge) and being able to adjust at a very fast rate are all key elements. How one plays the game and learns from their mistakes is what separates the men from the boyz. This is also posted on the front page on Steam, so it is not like they are just saying "Hey ,we 'think" the game will be like this but whatever". No,as it reads this game is unforgiving. A lot give up before they can reap the rewards. Yahoo games is a suitable platform for this type of player
The problem wasnt that it was linear. The problem was the endless grind. You needed a full week of daily grind to even come close to crafting guns. And if you played on a server that didnt wipe XP you were just fucked
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