• Why does the Sheet metal door not require Sheet Metal (Component)?
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Just like a wooden door would need wood, a sheet metal door would require sheet metal, right? 1-2 pieces per single door and 2-4 pieces per double door would be more than enough.
Because even if sheet metal is common, it's a balance issue. Players who chose to build further from roads and monuments would be stuck on wooden doors for the whole wipe, no point in even collecting stone if thats the case. Making it this way would prevent anyone from entering a non-fresh server and standing a chance to get a secure base up.
I agree with @TheGagabou but it would be nice a nice feature if it is balanced.
This could see the implementation of a "Tier 2" door like suggested in this Thread. (Current tiers: 0-Wood, 1-Metal, 2-Armored) (New tiers: 0-Wood, 1-Metal, 2-Platted metal, 3-Armored) The name is a simple suggestion and the balance would ofc have to be taken care of before anything else.
I totally agree, the balancing would be an issue and i think the best way will be how it is now.
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