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So close
i like the box idea, but what if that was the new rad town box, or the new small wood crate? or what if it hung from a roof? (bad idea i know) (more clothing slots! more clothing slots!)
I think I should break the trunk of the trees piece by piece (like the forest)
oh god please tell me you fixed the horrible performance from last week
Hey guys , nice job but i think rust need another anti-cheats. Garry comeback to rust project please.
can't wait for the inspect animations !
no one knows the future
Say with trees if they fall down on a building/base part of it should be destroyed
Please remove the components and make the blueprint system great again! This version of the blueprint system, only benefits clans. Clans can gather quickly, because they can control the roads and this is where most of the barrels are found. Also at rad towns, where again... large clans can dominate. A solo player out on the road trying to find scrap usually ends up losing it to large clans. This present system is not fair for everyone. The old blueprint system was more balanced because the barrels were placed randomly on the map and what was inside of them was also random. This was the best system so far because it was balanced for everyone. Please just give us back the old blueprint system.
HEY, what happened to the updated fire effects on buildings? THEY LOOKED SO COOOL. I want them
Новая добыча дерева это бред, пока ты будешь бегать вокруг дерева, тебя сольют как мишень в тире. Было бы не плохо сделать как с рудой, чтобы точка была не далеко от предыдущей, а не в другой стороне дерева!
i think in the tree mini game they should be close enough so its not annoying but far away enough so it's a challenge because i can see that getting annoying but it looks fine so far but dont ruin the game garry
PLS add a frog face on the green boot!
I think the tree mini game should be cutting a circle around the trunk, instead of hitting 'X'. It woud look more natural
Nice update i like it
Great work guys! Noticed that for some reason though something has caused the esc, tab, and enter keys to be unresponsive. Basically whenever in a GUI the keys don't respond.
I like the tree mini game but the sound of spray paint everytime you hit the make is annoying an i also think the mark should be closer togather like the rocks. Not to sure on the tree sound falling over yet tbh. RikiWilkins Idea could work better also.
Thank you very kindly sir.
Fucking Tease
So for the cupboard, won't that make it so people can build directly next to you, and wall you in/build over walls/build whole buildings directly outside of you base and upgrade them?
I like the tree mini game too but in my view the mark is too large and the spray noise would be kinda annoying.
Make BPs great again
I like This update with the trees I am here for you
I agree with that. When I bought rust, I was able to play blueprint system only for few days, then the XP system came...
I have been playing this game off and on for the last 3 years its had its up and downs, but right now its just kinda dead, all the stuff they add is not working.
I remember when I played rust for first time, I was looking for a game to replace left 4 dead, I typed in youtube "zombie games", then the craft stuff back there made me crazy, it was soo great to had my own place, my little wood house in a mountain, and exploring the world and putting stuff in a box, then when I wake up in morning, a nigguer has breaked the walls with c4 and fucked my ass, there my feelings became insane, my little house destroyed. I had only 20 fps, was a about 18 years old, and I started to work for playing rust decently since my dad never enjoyed his childreen playing games, and this madness history it happened for about 3 years, soo much histories in rust, it's a fucking game, very different than others, it is a piece of evil art. congratulations for helkus and garry newman for giving a oportunity for the evil inside of each player take form in this game.
Appreciate all the hard work you devs are doing! Honestly FacePunch is one of my all time favourites, I mean, the game might not be where you want it to be currently, but you certainly can't deny all the progress they've made so far!
Куча обнов но ни одна не сделала игру интересней, в игре нечем заняться кроме собирательства и стройки, в игре много радиации но не одного мутанта, сделайте мутантов зомби, ночные орды разъяренных мутантов или зомби, и игра станет еще популярней, а так игра пустая.
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