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This has been my entire issue with the new TC system. They were initally to stop griefing, and with the new system the only thing they do is stop someone placing on you. It doesnt stop people placing really close to you so you can't leave. I have the feeling that the new TC system will be a mess for at least a while.
DIOGO TEIXEIRA why don't we have an option to choose texture quality (for skins at least)? I mean, the skins texture quality had been reduced since introduced in a "strong" way (lots of skins). Inside "workshop" skins have better quality than inside the game... -- I like the Tree Redux but I think it should remain on the ground to be crafted a little bit more (like Dark Ages server's plugin), of course, it's not perfect but you guys could do a better job !
я согласен, еще несколько аспектов, которые добавляют больше аспектов PVE в игре, сделают культуру игры более интересной.
I hate idea of mini-game with tree because it's just a tree so it takes too long If you have 5 furnace and fill them up with wood :-)
Then don't hit it at the marks. Problem solved. Altough I didn't quite understand your last sentence.
If the textures can be better in the environment and on the models, it would be nice to have the options.
important>>>THESE PROBLEMS have not BEEN SOLVED YET AND THE UPDATES D ARE NOT ADDRESSING FOUR important GAME PLAY issues...... 1- Cans disappear within seconds after opening and disappear with all junk and scrap. 2- No brown or green crates are spawning so NO scrap metal. 3- Animals get shot and then shimmy and DISAPPEAR underground...no way to get meat. 4- Massive rubber banding if you walk through spot where something that was supposed to did not spawn..didn't. please address the above issues...I have checked on other servers and this is is not just ours (Cohhilition/Whitelist) These issues are gameplay not aesthetics and must be fixed.
What server is this on?
The servers name is Cohhilition / Whitelist which is owned by CohhCarnage. It is being run by Cohhs father who has no real general computer knolwedge and actually only turns the server on and off. We have found that if the server is rebooted things re cans goes away for about 45 minutes.
I think you're probably better to make a new thread for this tbh. I tried to find the server to have a go myself an see what was happening but it must be down. On a side note, the tree mini game is growing on me but it needs some tweaking with the sounds as have been said
I wil stgart a new thread . I went on line and found another update. appears to have cauased COhhiiition / white list to crash. I will carry this on tomorrow when it's up.
These issues have been fixed. Whoever's running this server did not wipe after the complete fix was released. This was a choice, they should've wiped when the devs fixed map generation, but decided to go against it. At this point they can do what the devs did on the officials, which is manually fix everything with admin tools OR the quicker easier way: wipe and stop using an old broken version of the procgen maps. I've played about 70 hours since they released the fix, on multiple servers and never ran into any troubles because every single one of those did the most sensible thing: wiped after the patch.
And yet so far far away!
The wood farming mini game is a much welcome change!
an idea i have is please get the zombies back! missed then since legasy rust.
I do not like the idea with the trees. I think this is superfluous. new boxes are good. I wrote a long time for them to enter the game.
Hey Face punch, thanks for the update. I really appreciate your changes to make farming less monotonous. However I have a question for André Straubmeier about his work on the Building 3.0 system. While I understand that wall stacking is an exploit that was never intentionally added to the game, have you and the rest of the development team considered the benefits of keeping a system identical or similar to wall stacking? In my experience, wall stacking allows for a much greater variety of innovation in builds, and rewards experienced builders by lengthening the learning curve of building, providing a more in depth system. Finally, if removing wall stacking is non negotiable, do you have a plan to add other mechanics in order to avoid removing a large amount of the learning curve and depth to creating quality bases when transitioning to Building 3.0?
1 new update, super.....cool.....very cool ..... Oh who am I kidding
Bought Rust in November of 2016. Have loved it. Logged 2,000 hours since then with most in vanilla on US East 1. Stopped playing after a wipe with the new blueprint/scrap system. The time required for investment is no longer worth the reward. I keep hoping I'm going to read where you've pulled the system and I can enjoy the game again. Component system was working well. There was progression. It wasn't grindy. Then you introduce this? It's garbage. It further enhances the gap between the haves and the have nots. Something you've always claimed to be working on. Finding the right balance and all. This certainly isn't it. Please pull it. For the love of God pull it. You've all made so much good stuff and added good content. Please don't let this idea you have to have a grind in the game to get even basic weaponry kill the game.
Almost everything in this update is good except tree redux. The iron hatchet now gives only 15 trees that is small. It was necessary to leave everything as is (30 trees per blow), and if you hit the red marks, everything would be like a video, but the marks themselves should appear not from anywhere but from the side where the player started cutting down a tree (this would be convenient). In the rest everything is normal.
I do like the tree chopping mini game, actually adds a bit of challenge when farming for wood. But I do still think the blueprint system needs some work. I'm constantly finding that I can progress at all because I'm unable to get the blueprints that I need to do all the fun stuff. Maybe if you have access to a tier 2 workbench you can automatically craft all tier one item even if you don't have the blueprints and so on for the other tiers. I think that keeping the top tier blueprints locked would be good as that then allows you to still pull off raids and things but then they would be far more challenging as you don't have as good weapons and equipment.
That's the whole point of this update. Adding progression to the game. If you want instant action and guns in 5 minutes there are plenty of modded servers around or battlefield servers to do just that.
I'd like to say that the marks shouldn't rotate so much.. like ores mini game, helk changed the way they appear in the ore... I think they should be closer each other...
This is not The Forrest
Really? learn to interpret pls.. The Forest*
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