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Hello everyone. I played more like 1000 hours in rust so i changed lots of good/bad servers. What is bad server ? Somethink like abusing admins, bad ppls, or anythink else. In some case when lots on players find out admins are abusing they left and server is empty, so admin change the name and etc. and going again, like me, i joined a server on which i played but what i saw after 2 hours of wipe ? Abusing admins.. noclip, god mode and other thinks so i spend 2 hours for nothing. It vould be great to add somethink like black list icon in menu, like in counter-strike. Have a good day/night.
There is a place where you can vote servers, check this site out https://rust-servers.info/
Agreed. Thee blacklist would hopefully be IP based so a change of name wouldn't make a difference. There are too many badmin run servers out there where an admin finds it funny to troll the populace. I watched one admin no clip through a base to find the loot rooms and within 5 minutes returned with his team to ransack the place. I wouldn't see the point, as admin you could spawn what you needed if you were that way inclined, but there ya go. If admins behave like asshats then players should have the ability to avoid that server. See how they like playing on an empty server.
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