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im sick of loosing my shit as a solo play having to work so hard for it, especially if its a hacker and i cant get my stuff back a couple minutes ago i was playing on korea 1 witch is allways getting ddosed, but when it isnt im trying to get an ak, as soon as i got 1 i ran out and started roaming. the next minute i get shot in the head 5 times through a wall by some korea cunt... and there goes the ak then i go out with tompson because i hear someone. i dont make a sound but it was just weird how this guy was moving stop moving stop. turns out he was looking in my base with actually going in. he kills me through my base 3 head shots and then he gets banned. i dont get my shit tho
The reason why I never play official anymore. Try find a vanilla community server with decent admins and stick with it. Hackers seem to gravitate towards official like flies round @#/@.
No, cheaters are everywhere, official servers are not so bad as you make it seem to be. The fact is cheaters will always be in all the servers.
on uk2 I met a man from the other end of the map, who came out from nowhere, and blasted 3 people in 3s, not even missing the bulet. after receiving confirmed 7-9 hits from friends just ran, including 2-3 hits in the head. his nick is Lucky Potato. You can check it out if it's a miracle or chit.
I don't know about modded servers, but the task of having to deal with hackers is already a massive time consuming issue on Vanilla community servers. Having to tack onto that a refund phase of items and gear just makes it that much worse. There's no method that I know of, in which you can rollback a players items, inventory, etc. So now admins have to take someone's word as the truth with no data to back that up. Scale it up and understand how easily a refund policy can be exploited, it just doesn't add up. There's not much ROI for server admins to spend all the time dealing with this. There's just no tools in place for it. It's a tough rub, I get that. And it sucks. I wish it were better, but it is what it is right now.
The ddossing irritates me more than the blatant cheating. West 3/West Hapis get taken down nearly daily.
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