• Pve damages both players?
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Our server is set for PVE. When I was shot to test it out the shooter took about 30 damage. I took a lot of damage and also got an 86% bleed effect and nearly bled out. I thought pve did no damage to victim of attack. Is this not the case? Are we missing something in the settings? Thanks for any info Can no one answer this question?
this is Rust. Even in PVE - you will damage everyone and die... survival of the fittest :P
That's... weird. Something's definitely wrong there because I tried a PvE server once and headshot someone about 5 times with an AK close range, basically shot him so I could die :v
What did he shoot you with? I wonder if fire or explosive damage still works in PvE
Guys, this thread is 2 years old.
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