• Retarded maps
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I get it that you want to split the geared from the nakeds with this tiered map system but right now its completly trash! 4/5 maps consist of 50% snow in that nothing is in. The other 50% are 25% nothing and 25% radtowns. I was on a server during multiple wipes and 80 Player on a 3k map were crowded in 25% of the map because there is not a single reason to go anyhwere else because NOTHING is there
And this was a vanilla or modded server? As well, you do realize that different servers will carry different maps. Hence the word Procedural. There are literally thousands of iterations of the map
No shit dude. Btw modded and vanilla still use the same generation. I mean that with the addition of the tiered system 3/5 maps got fucked balancewise. Most maps have a huge winter biom. That wouldnt be a problem if there would be POI´s there but there mostly arent. Like I said the last few maps ~90% of the player where located in 25-30% of the map.
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