• Crafting scrap? Base recycler?
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Think you will ever make scrap craft-able? Like 10 metal for one scrap seems about right. Also, maybe a base recycler that gives you a fraction of the value of the component? Maybe 1/2 the value from the normal recycler?
How to remove the whole use for every radtowns/airdrops/PvP ever, 101. Balance is being worked on, for the actual system in place.
Nope. It makes everything way easier.
I dont like the aspect that you dont need to go out anymore, or you need to travel the map and explore it. This feauture would make everybody staying in his base and if you run over the map the server seems dead.
I'm sure there's a mod somewhere for spawning these in your base. Admins can easily spawn them into the game, but wow -- they kill it at the same time.
Don't you dare thinking about that again!
wouldnt that defeat the purpose of the bp/wb system.... you'd just have to get a personal recycler and boom you can grind out end game gear in less than an hour.
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