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Did... You guys just merge the old FP forums into this one? Like the whole archive? There are now over 2000 pages in the "Rust general" section, most of them containing threads dating 4-5 years back. Pretty wonky 😂 Btw keep up the work on the forums the improvements on here are always welcome. P.S Any devs passing by, squeeze a minute in there to take a look at this please Pce
That's awesome! I never liked the old forums, it was too much of a pain to post on, so I really appreciate this new style.
I also like this new forum, but one thing would be nice: if you could give directly emote reactons to single aspects of one blog.
What does that mean? Emotes per section, or per word?
Per letter, ofc.
For example in Devblog 186 you could add a emote reaction after Video Update Tree Redux Building 3.0 EAC Troubles AI Craftable Hazmat Suit Admire Animations Stability Pass Launch Site Layout Primitive Box Sound So you can better see what we like and what we don´t like. I would really love this feauture!
Lol now I see, I was like wtf are you talking about. You want the emoticons to be added to the Blog section... This is actually a very nice idea!
what happended with that idea? will it be implemented?
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