• New gun you should add
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im thinking you should add a supply drop sniper like the mosin nagant make it insane damge and super long range and also add a custom 8x scope in for drops also so you can get a crzy sniper if you find a mosin and a 8x in a air drop please add it i think it would be sick make it do like and instant kill to the head with any armour and a 2 hit down to the body and 3 hit any where else
I think there are enough weapons and also some that are very similar to those that you described. The devs schould focus on more important issues like the lighting of entrances of caves.
no i think more powerful weapons are important lighting is minor things that wouldent help much at all
With weapons in the game at the moment and so everything is fine. The only thing that could be added is the ability to adjust the lenses of the fourfold optical sight so that you can zoom in or out of the seen through it (as you can do with binoculars in real life for example).
I don't understand the issue you have with cave entrance lighting, do you play on max graphics because it seems fine to me.
Even if you don´t play on max graphics you can run into a cave and kill a person behind 3 corners because it gets so slowly dark, that you can see him but he doesn´t. So he doesn´t even have a chance to react.
I see what you mean now. I done it bit more testing an that really would be nice to fix this lighting problem with underground entrances.
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