• New TC/Building System
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What do you guys think about the new TC system they plan to incorporate? The hole idea to "prevent honeycomb" will be pretty hard with each block emitting a micro radius. Preventing wall-stacking I can see, and the micro radius will help with that. If each block has a small radius how is that going to prevent someone from building right out side your front door, and what is that going to mean for high externals?
As more traps are introduced into the game, I'm fine with not having to honeycomb the hell out of everything. It's done right now out of necessity, not pleasure. Having to open 15 doors to get in or out is hellah annoying right now. Someone had mentioned putting in some type of upgraded code lock or door that has a spring to auto-close behind you. This 100x!
They already have a working "door closer" in place, it's just not available in the base game yet. Why? No clue. It does not have a texture yet, but that just a detail isn't it?
I thought that they would add new construction modes for the construction plan - for example, vertical (not assault) stairs, spiral staircases (such elements of construction that you could build such stairs). New types of windows, roofs. Cabinets with tools the tools were better. The developers had to do this so that these cabinets could be placed from the bottom up - you put one on the first floor and you are authorized, then on the 3rd floor, then on 5 and so on.
my thing to is then make the Armored tier more feasible to use, to me have it only take 6 rockets to get through is not worth the price, as well as the fact that sulfur is really easy to get especially for those larger groups. Right now its cheaper to add honeycomb than it is to upgrade to armored, plus you get an additional 4 rocket barrier to your base, bringing the totally to 8, instead of just 6, and it is like half the cost. If they want to get ride of honeycomb/wall-stacking then the need to examine the durability of stone metal and armored as well as consider adding an armored ladder hatch .
It's in the actual vanilla game, on the modded servers it's part of a mod. Vanilla admins can spawn them in and it acts like a codelock, you can place it on doors and it'll show up as a "grey block".
oh ok, I know on the modded servers they appeared as a grey block as well, at least the ones ive been on, although its been a while lol
On modded there is a mod that coloses all doors behind you if you don´t change this. That means that you don´t see anything of a doorcloser and don´t need to craft it. But I agree that the doorcloser of the vanilla game should be craftable
i dont like the idea how it is getting harder to honeycomb bases
Honey combing a base is still easy. but it's going to be more expensive to maintain. wall stacking is going to be impossible probably.
yeah wall stacking will be impossible unless the wall stack has a TC in side of it somewhere, but then there is the maintaince thing as well, I want to see something better when it comes to base defense, cause the level of offline raiding is nutz and annoying tbh
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