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Most of the time, I'm solo on a well populated server, groups everywhere and you've gotta lay low. Fair deal, I can live with it. But when I create a base which doesn't yet have roof access, I have to live with door campers. With the new system I can't place any traps to defend myself, and when there's fights outside you're hopeless, you might aswell go AFK for the next half an hour. The shotgun trap is overpowered, but what made it amazing for me was people feared it, no one door camped me and I was safe. Now that it's gone, fair deal. Make it extremely costly, and add some primitive ones. Such as a loadable slingshot that fired as soon as you open the door and does a decent amount of damage if it hits someone, or some sort of blowdart mechanism that poisons people outside and dissuades them from staying. I don't play the game to spend most of my time in my house wondering who the next person outside will be. You should be able to do what you like with your base, and something we lack is traps. We have enough vanity items, why nothing productive?
There are mechanisms in the game that you can use to help identify if there are door campers and others outside to begin with. Also, consider how you're building your initial base design. I *never* build one entry/exit point. This is just begging to be grieved in the first place. I don't know how you're building, but the problems listed are sounding more like decisions you've made in base designs -- they can be easily solved. Many people think making one base is satisfactory, when that's not really the case. Consider building "turret towers" or observation towers around your main compound. When you suspect you're being camped, use the in game suicide command to spawn to one of them. Each tower should have visibility on some cardinal direction of the base and be equipped with some weapons, food, armor and ammo. These are extremely low cost and serve as very good trap / decoy bases as well. The idea of staying inside a base for 30+ minutes because of fear of dying is ludicrous. I recently wrote a huge article around rust base design and your post has me thinking that I should add a section in there around anti-door camping tactics.
There are enough ways to beat door campers, but more primitive traps would be really nice.
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