• DDOS Problem.
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Am i just picking bad servers or is it really a huge problem across the board. I have played 4 wipes now and nearly have 500 hours into rust. It's currently my favorite game and i can't really think of anything i really really dislike aside from the ever growing ddos problem. I have played on many servers and it happens on all of them. It's insanely frustrating when the server goes down for hours on end and/or gets taken down literally everyday at the same time. Before the BP/Workbench update it wasnt too bad because if your server got too bad you were able to just go set up shop on another and be rollin in hours. Now i have 2months of solo scrap grind into a server that gets ddosed multiple times a day. FFS two weeks ago the server was only up from 10am est to 6pm est which is great if youre able to play in that time frame but not if you don't. I love this game facepunch but it's like you have to choose between admin abuse on community servers or daily ddos with officials. Is there anything that can be done about this? I understand losers will always ddos game servers but cant it atleast possibly be partially mitigated. I fear when rust releases this issue will amplify to unplayable levels.
We are on our second server host, 4th actual server. Daily we can't connect because of "Packet Flooding: Client Command". Both hosts said they believe it to be DDOS attacks. I don't know, but it sucks. I have been trying to get on my server for awhile now. Those playing, already on are fine. I just can't connect though. I get that error.
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