• Can we please stop zergs?
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Dear Facepunch, Can we get a balance out for zerg squads? Currently I'm playing on a server where about 10% of the daily pop is one zerg clan of 20+ members (20 official clan member + random people they recruit I guess). There's basically nothing that can be done about the zerg just roaming in teams of 10-ish. Counter raiding in teams of 10-ish, raiding in teams of 10-ish and also countering heli takedowns in team of 10-ish. Now, the question is, is there even any way a team of 3 or 4 can stand a chance against a group of this size? The advantages are in their favour in every event in the game, in my opinion this is something that needs to be tackled by the Facepunch team, in a way that bases of large groups would for example decay faster, or simply require more materials - somehow. Please do not reply with stuff like "go to a duo/trio server", because those servers are of 20 pop the day following a wipe. Share your opinion,
the same can be said about a solo or duo vs your 4 man clan. Personally i think there should be an allie/clan system that can be limited by the server admins. Like capping the max clan size at X. Make the turrets/traps run on this clan system. Then any members surpassing the cap would be unable to pass them without deactivating everytime. IDk how you could curb hurge groups of roamers or raiders.
I was thinking about this myself, since I experience a lot of zerg clans where I live in-game. I'm a solo player, btw. Making food and water more important could be a start. It's such an afterthought that it'd be nice if it was tweaked to increase maintenance costs on large clans/communities. I don't know, just stuff like that. Systemic changes that might make the really big clans a lot more difficult to field and maintain everyone.
Only reasonable way I can think of is that tc's would be limited to around 5% of the server size(for example). This would't prevent building in multiple places but would encourage clans to play against clans of similar size. And of course community servers could customice the limit.
Yea, it would seem it is that easy. But alas...what game COULD you stop zergs? I personally think...none
Other thing that some youtuber was talking about is that helicopter could target areas whit alot of players.
For myself, zergs are a case of playing as if you were the goddamn Taliban. Seriously, hit and run smaller teams of them, and stash their items in small stashes in areas that only you know. After hit n' running, do not return to your base for at least five to ten minutes, because sweetie they'll want your ass mounted on a wall.
Assuming of course you've managed to grind out enough scrap to research a half decent weapon. Oh, and also assuming you've managed to find a half decent weapon to research to start with 😂 This is why i hate the new bp system.... As a newly hatched scrub you don't stand a chance. Hell, you could be several hours into a server and still not have anything worthwhile. Previously you could partake in taliban tactics with a scabious SAR or SMG. Now however.. 😥 Bow vs rifle? Didn't work too well for the native American Indians.
<--solo still alive and kickin. Dood, listen, this is and has been debated before,and look...here we are again beating a deadhorse. Sorry man, this will never change. Adapt or join
build small and secluded even when you have a group of 4. I prefer to solo so I build the smallest base possible in a secluded area, which once half walls are added, will be a 2x1, with a triangle airlock.
Think you guys should just go play minecraft
Easy to take on zergs, and easy to profit from them. Gearing up a whole zerg is expensive business, a small group is a lot cheaper, and a lot more stealthy. A zerg makes a lot of noise and are easy to spot, easy to jump a straggler or two and run with their gear. Also being in a large group causes confusion no matter what, even if you have a uniform. I have owned a pretty large clan in the past, and i know all of this all to well. I think you need to make some friends or maybe you should try a different game, or alternatively, you could stop whining and work around it, or find a way to profit from it.
Yes you can, creating an even bigger Zerg!
Zergs by definition are composed of mainly unskilled but determined players. They will bring you plenty weapons if you let them, no need to grind anything. Just get good with a bow. See bchillz youtube channel for examples of getting good.
Just be a zerg create a clan and kill people or get skill and fight them or avoid them.
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