• Workbench level instead three worbenches
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Hi developers of Rust. I have an idea. Why should we craft three workbenches, i think a good idea to make workbench upgradeable, with 3 levels. Workbench 1 lvl -> 2 lvl ->3 lvl.
I agree with this. Its a pain to have to try and fit three benches in a base if you're aiming to keep your base small.
I would have to agree with this. The current system is just a massive pain in the ass unless you are playing on modded servers where picking them up is not that big of an issue.
I just pick axe them once i get to the next level but would probably be better if you could have the options to upgrade them.
I like my small bases, I could go for this. Definitely.
Maybe they are forcing people to expand their base. I don't think this is a good idea.
ok i just tried to break the level 2 work bench because my base this time around is small and compact an it isn't as easy as the first one to break.
What if you move bases?
I've also suggested this a while back: Upgrade Workbench instead of making a new one
That's a good idea and it's been suggested a billion times at /r/playrust, but it'll ruin experiments, isn't it?
Well it should be adjusted, yes. You could change it by just generating a bp based on how much scrap you've inserted. The more scrap the higher the bp.
Yah, replace 1-st lvl workbench with 2-nd not really difficult because lvl1 is simple to destroy. But lvl2 is hard as f**k. So there's always lvl2 and lvl3 workbenches in my bases.
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