• Game Suggestion to fix Night Time in Rust
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You know how when it is day time and you are outside, it's pretty bright, then you walk into your base and the screen gets darker? Why not apply the same, but opposite effect when night time hits in game? This would stop everyone from needing to change their brightness/gamma settings, and the effect could also be reset every time someone shines a flashlight or torch in your face, or if you go back inside your base where there are lights/campfires. The issue for me with the current night time, is that it is simply too dark, even with light-emitting items. Lights should work in a quadratic fashion so it properly bounces off walls and scatters to multiple rooms, and the lights need to not bleed outside of a base when all doors are closed. One of the best examples I can give is the Ceiling Light. It's brightness was increased not too long ago, but only in the same small cone of light. Shouldn't that light bounce off walls and such to light up multiple rooms? I understand there are probably limitations, but this may be something worth addressing now that Building 3.0 is on the horizon. These are just some ideas I had, and I'm open to discussion about them. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
its called shadows
Eyes should adapt to darkness.
This is what I am trying to say all the time!
The darkness was added for a reason. Changing the gamma was part of the problem back in the day. I must admit that i was also part of that problem lol. It does not work anymore and everyone is not happy
Yeah introducing a new level of darkness even if partially just to fight against gamma exploiters seems like a temporary fix to a bigger problem. Light doesn't scatter in Rust like it should. The moonlight alone should be enough to show certain details at night.
Even the moonlight can be exploited by the app. So you either have complete darkness with flashlights only otherwise you have some nice light source that can be exploited.
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