• Things that could make Rust a better game
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Dont know if this post already exists or not, but feel free to post your ideas here.
Let us snap floors to the side of foundations. and foundations to the side of floors. this would make rock bases much easier to create.
I think that in Building 3.0 they said that it will be possible, don't quote me on that. Anyway, heads up because i love the idea.
more optimization for low-end pc because all the lastest update has made the game very heavier and unplayable
Let me start by suggesting that the sole focus of the game should be to aquire frog boots, screw aks, rockets and other useful items, they are just tools meant to help you achieve the ultimate goal: To achieve frog boots tier. Altough many might prefer to spend their time farming, killing, looting, building, raiding and defending the real rust fans will apreciate the subtle pleasures a crisp pair of frog boots has in store. So how do you get them? Well a single pair of legendary frog boots will be placed in the procedurally generated "Frogument"that spawns in each server. This "Frogument"will be defended by several powerful frog themed npc and turrets, they would be so difficult to defeat that a large group of highly organized and geared players would probably be required to get through the defenses, but to keep the frog boots from being taken early on in the game an possibly giving the player who wears them an unfair advantage, the frog boots are hidden behind an armored vault door that can only be destroyed by twenty rockets (or ten c4.) The player who wears frog boots has a two times harvest, does double damage and has two hundred maximum health, the frog boots also have a the same armor rating as a full set of heavy armor even without wearing anything else, to compensate for these OP buffs the location of the frog boots is on the map at all times. This whole post was originally meant as a joke but would actually be a cool addition to game now that I think about it (although it would destroy all sense of realism in the game.)
Even my low-mid range pc is having some problems escpecially with TSSAA, too blurry and laggy. btw my pc has 860M and i7-4710HQ and with some optimizations i can get even up to 70fps, but if using TSSAA it drops to 40/45: Still playable but i don't see the benefit.
I would love this feauture (as I said many times before ) ! and please fix lighting (as discussed in This or in This thread) ;)
Make us able to plant our own trees and farm and breed animals
Aahm I wrote somehting a while ago but didn't post it, I will post it here right now: Will you ever implement something to turn on/off all light sources in a base? My small group and me have often thought about that because it sucks to turn on every single lamp manually and it is the main reason that we don't use many light sources at all. Nighttime is pain enough already. Is it plan of the electricity thing you are planning? Furthermore I do hope that one day, we will be able to build in/on the water and underground on land. I'm always looking for special spots to build since I absolutely love the feeling of a nice, safe home with a beautiful view. Why not implement a large pyramid in the desert (for example similar to the caves) and allow people to build there? Man, how cool would it be to step out of your home and find yourself in a giant pyramid, looking down to all the plebs! Or as pointed out above, build on the water. Maybe a cool raft for people who don't want to build a home on land? You know, those nomad guys. Or just stationary buildings in the water while you can craft smaller boats to sail around the map and stuff. Because another Problem in my opinion is the lack of traveling possibilities. Don't get me wrong, I love exploring the map (a blacked out map at the beginning would also be awesome by the way, to improve the experience of exploring) but I think the most people only care about their neighbourhood and don't know what's going on at the other side of the map (besides having some small farmbases everywhere). So traveling with a boat or horses and stuff would be cool as hell! The new minigame for wood is also cool, would love if the tree stay on the ground unless you hit it 2-3 times again. This would also lead to some strategical decisions in war. Image you are fighting with a bow against a guy with semi. He hits the tree you are hiding several times until it breaks and it then stays on the ground so you can use it as a covering even better. Or a guy is running away; I hit all the trees in his way with my ak so he has to jump over all the fallen trees, which makes it hard for him. The most important part - at least in my opinion - is the lack of mid- and lategame content so far. I love the early game; finding a cool place to build a home, gathering all the resources and scrap etc., explore, make friends and enemies, and much more. In the lategame on the other hand you most only gather sulfer to raid and roam. I see this in my group: People are so much online but then, when we have most of the things you can have, they don't play much anymore. I think we need PvE elements and more lategame stuff here! What was also going through my mind is, as pointed above, black out the map for things you didn't explore yet. This would make the start for groups a little bit harder (which is fair) and - even better - force players to discover. Listen, in my opinion the crafting times are way too high. I often end up crafting all night long and even longer. Make special places with special loot and PvE enemies or jump spots and stuff so there is another reason to discover the map. Give us more possibilities, not only grind, build and raid the way it is right now. I really see no Advantage for the map being uncovered at the start already. When there is a 7 man zerg they go into the newly wiped server, press Map and say: "Oh, see Launchsite Q15? Let's meet there". 15 Minutes later they are building their base and steamroll the server. With blacked out maps they most likely would Need more time to setup like this, allowing smaller groups and solo players to already setup a little base when they are lucky and spawn somewhere near the Launch site or discover it.
You have so many good ideas! Have a look at the Roadmap... they also see the same problems in many aspects. I can agree to all, instead of the pve events. The best thing at Rust is the pvp aspect and too much pve would destroy it. I hate playing against ai, because it doesn´t feel good. Ai in every game is stupid.
Does anyone else think that the elite crates should spawn a bit more frequently (maybe one hour instead of two) because I can never get any of the loot unless i'm playing with a group or on a low pop server. There is almost always a group that knows when the next spawn is and goes to the top of launch site and grabs it, When I play with a group it is possible more me to either be the one grabbing it right away or waiting for them to come down with the loot and killing them. But I can see this maybe being a problem for solo or small groups. What do you guys think?
more building blocks to build with/walls/foundations
Read the devblogs dude, they are probably going to implement that the next forced wipe (maybe sooner)
Allow us to grow, manufacture and use drugs. Cannabis opens your mind and gives you ideas for blueprints Cocaine improves running and harvesting speed but with the risk of addiction Heroin gives you 500% comfort but with the risk of aids If you take a tonne of magic mushrooms there would be two minigames... Good Trip - Flying around the map Bad Trip - Fighting demon wolves A reward for taking mushrooms is the lasting understanding that we are all one (although this understanding might be hard to code)
You're looking for game that's name starts with Rim and ends with world.
Hello Klee First of all, thanks. Hm. I think similar, yes. For years already I only play online games and I also used to Play ESL since I love playing competitive. But here it could be a little bit different with bots. Do you know "Empyrion"? It's a galactic survival game which is - on a sidenote - actually pretty damn cool (especially the building system). They do many Things right there: They have PvE starter planets so you can build up a little bit, create your space ship and then travel to the universe and other planets which often are PvP. While the PvE area wipes once a week (so you are forced to leave it in time) the PvP area doesn't wipe at all or extreme rarely (depending on the server host I guess). I like this since the frustration is not too big when losing something. But we were talking about AI, right. you can farm as usual and then, there are also the AI space stations and stuff. Killing and raiding them gives you cool stuff which you sometimes need for higher tier things, also - with some luck - you will find a special weapon. So you can not only raid real players, but also AI. While I hate playing against AI only, I think the mix of AI and real players is a good thing. I mean... Instead of only being able to loot revos in chests etc., why not place a 2-4 group of cowboys somewhere in the desert you can loot this from? It's just an example, but this is similar to what I was thinking about. Again, it would also make exploring way cooler. Maybe they even have different clothes? So other player can see, what I achieved already (as long as I don't lose it ofc). A cool, handmade cave that looks beautiful near a river. Would you explore it when you know that all you find is the stuff you find in other caves? Maybe, maybe not. Would you explore it when you don't know what's in there? Maybe a giant, human eating croc with cool loot? PvE elements also are often a good possibility to balance things, for example placing a overpowered monster somewhere people should not be able to go in earlygame, but in midgame they can rek it. Another thing to think about is maybe to make launch site and other strong loot places accessible after 2-3 days in the wipe, giving players a chance that can't Play 24/7 everyday or at the wipeday.
Ey! you calling me weird6
There should be a freedom. But people themselves should be the ones who take care of those people.
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