• Changing timescale of a server?
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Hello I want to change the time scale of my server but env.timescale doesn't work or env.daylength. I want to make the timescale faster like if it is 45 mins day 15 mins night i want to make it 30 mins day 8 mins night but I couldn't find any info about it on whole google. I really hope some is gonna come up with a miracle code or something. Thank you
How you setting your time scale? Remember, default is "0.0066666667"
I am not. Did you even read what I typed ?
I did and you didnt seem to understand my response. You claim that env.timescale does not work. How do you know this does not work, did you set your timescale? If you didn't of course it wouldn't work
Of course I did. Who is that stupid lol. I first just typed env.timescale and it didn't give me any number like it was supposed to so I knew it wasn't working but then I tried 10 then 100 like env.timescale 100 and lock the moon right top of my screen and it wasn't moving any faster or slow so it was 0 impact on day, night length.
Ok then, next question Have you tried console : Env. Daylength 45 Env.nightlength 15 As well, are you writecfg after your work
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