• Rust Movie/TV Series Ideas
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Okay, so I was thinking one time, late at night, about RUST. I fell asleep. My dream was that of RUST. I woke up. I thought about it for a moment, then questioned reality. RUST would make a good TV Series/Movie Series. Of course, the only channel I could think of that would be able to play it on live television was HBO, because of the normal stuff found on the channel. The series is about how a few planes crash on a remote island. The survivors wake up randomly around the island, stark naked. They must survive, just like in RUST. The main character (TBD Name) wakes up and has no memory of the past events. He has no idea what to do, and tries to find some kind of building. He manages to find an abandoned store and stocks up on supplies he can find, including some clothes. Soon after, gunshots can be heard nearby. One of the windows shatter as bullets rip through. He takes cover and manages to escape by running out a back door. It's the evening now, the sun is going down. He needs to get away and find shelter. In the distance, he sees a light, a building in the middle of nowhere. He gets to the door, tries to open it and finds it's code locked. His pursuants know where he is and are coming for him. He frantically bangs on the door, yelling for help. The door opens, he runs inside, the door closes. A woman is standing there, pointing a gun at him. That's where I'm leaving it for now, speak your mind, I'm logging off for the night. But don't try to raid me. I have turrets. Good night.
So.... What happens when the Main charecter has to F1.kill?
The night is dark and full of terror....oh wait, wrong tv show
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