• Satchel Charge BP
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Hello, I wanted to ask - where one could find satchel charges or satchel charge blueprints to research and build them on their own? I'm trying to find one but just cant, so I can't even raid properly... Any help appreciated.
They have a low chance to spawn in pretty much any create at the side of the road. Remember, you'll need the beancan grenade bp to!
Thank you! Already found beancan in a crate, so I've got that set for me. I guess it's more hitting the cans for me
It's 1 % on "brown big crates" and 0.5 % on Elite Crate Keep searching for them!
Ooooh, wow, that is crazily low %. That couldn't be right... Is it?
Unfortunately they are.... https://rustlabs.com/item/satchel-charge
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