• An overview of Rust.
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Just a general Overview of where the game is now, and how it could be improved. And yes, I understand it is early access. And yes, I understand they're prioritising the roadmap. And yes, I understand they push out amazing updates every week. However the game doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. The game is advertised as a survival based game with animals and players hunting you down all the time, which this game lives up to. The game also is meant to be this desolate island where you have to live off the utmost minimum to survive. At this point it seems like useless junk is thrown at you every second that you grind, and high risks come with low rewards. My first issue would be the loot tables and how garbage they are. The default wooden crate. -Common spawnrate Should only include blueprints for tools, melee weapons, structures, barricades and traps. Should only include uncommon components *as it does now* Shouldn't include useless blueprints, for example: water catchers and chairs. Shouldn't include random clothing and head armour. Shouldn't include random melee weapons. Shouldn't include basic guns and raiding equipment. The tool crate. -Uncommon spawnrate Should only include basic raiding equipment. Should only include basic guns, for example: crossbow, revolver, pipe shotgun. Should only include clothing and armour. Should only include tools and melee weapons. The military crate. -Rare spawnrate Should only include the best components: tech-trash, laptops, cctv camera. Should only include higher tier structures and traps. Should only include high chance low to medium tier weaponry, for example: revolver and pipe shotguns up to semi automatic pistol and double barrel shotgun. Should only include all low tier attachments. Should only include higher tier armour and medical supplies. The elite crate. -Extremely rare spawnrate As a note these are extremely high risk and low reward as the radiation levels have increase, the amount of boxes decreased, 2 hours respawn timer and you can get utter shit such as a CCTV Camera and some scrap, should be completely changed. Should have a chance of high tier weaponry but a high chance of good tier weaponry, for example: Custom SMG, Thompson, Python Revolver, Pump Shotgun, Semi auto Rifle. Should have a extremely high chance of the most rare structures. Should have a extremely high chance of the most rare armours. Should have a extremely high chance of the most rare structures & traps. For two hours its to be expected. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damage is completely fucked in this game, and considering the whole aspect of this game is suppose to be extremely hard and unforgiving. People can survive the most bullshit things, damage should be completely redone. I'm going to cover the main armours and helmets used in the game only. Naked head: Should be one shot by absolute everything apart from some melee weapons. Naked chest Should be two shot by absolute everything apart from some melee weapons. Wooden head: Should be two shot by everything apart from most melee weapons. Wooden chest: Should be three shot by everything apart from all melee weapons. Coffee Can head: Should be three shot by everything, two shot from rifles and most melee weapons don't do much. Roadsign chest: Should be four shot by everything, three shot from rifles, and most melee weapons don't do much. Metal head: Should be four shot by everything, three shot from rifles, and most melee weapons are pretty much low damage only. Metal chest: Should be five shot by everything, apart from a bow and revolver, four shot by most rifles and melee weapons are pretty much low damage only. Heavy metal head: seven shot by everything apart from bow and revolver, six shot by most rifles, and most melee weapons do little to no damage. Heavy metal chest: eight shot by everything apart from bow and revolver, seven shot by most rifles, and melee weapons do little to no damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Road generation: Road generation on some maps is utter garbage. With the new tier implementation the road spots mean a lot, however in some maps the launch site or military tunnel are in the middle of no where, with no roads connected to them. Some biomes are rendered useless, especially the snow biomes, and with the new icebergs they're still untouched due to the roads. There are plenty of amazing places left untouched, including most islands because no roads even bother going there. -Highways, subways and railways could be a good implentation and an alternative when getting components. It could also help with the road generation if these things were scripted so they'd go in places roads wouldn't go near.
For pvp I personally like how everything works and don't think there should be any changes made. But that's just me
Not trying to be bitter. But let me get this straight; you prefer people taking more than they should in terms of damage? It's unrewarding. As I said before it's advertised as a devastating game, damage doesn't feel right.
Loot system: I kinda agree, loot from elite crates is completely wrong now. But other crates seems to be "ok" maybe some minor tweaking. Damage: I kinda don't understand if you want to make damage stronger or weaker. From that what you wrote you want to buff damage on nakeds and nerf damage on armored people. I think you simplified things too much. Perosnally i think that current pvp system is quite good. Roads/map generation Some seeds are good some seeds are utterly bad. I wish that procudarly generated worlds would be all awesome, but I guess you can't always get a good map from a "random" procuder. I like the idea of highway/railways/subways but that is a big and complicated thing. I don't think we're gonna see those any time soon.
The other crates are okay, but they seem to be messed up, they don't seem to have particular roles, apart from some give you guns and some don't. They should be sorted so when you find a crate you know exactly what you're going to get. Metal and Roadsign are pretty much the same now, but sometimes it can take the piss when fighting a guy in metal with something like a SAR, which it takes 6 hits sometimes, it shouldn't. It was just a list of what it should stay or be changed to. The wood and naked tier should be complete nerfs, it's a harsh world, if you're wearing fuck all you should feel the pain. Heavy metal is another issue entirely, I just included it because the protection it offers is absurd. I don't expect the alternative road systems to be added any time soon, but the road generation should be sorted. In the roadmap they have said something about an entirely different island that is similar to the main island in terms of what it offers, therefore a subway and highway (bridge or underground tunnel) would be a simple way of connecting them other than swimming to them. Thanks for the feedback. <3
Yeah, I think I made it clear enough that I was stating my opinion but I guess not
Yes, I'm glad you stated your opinion, but you didn't elaborate. You simply said you feel like it's right as of now, any reasons to why?
I wrote a similar concept in The Offerblogs: [1], [4], [5]. It's strange why the developers do not read this, because the players (including me) have played in The Rust many times, that's why they say from experience...
Uh... Can't really elaborate sorry. All im saying is that you shoulnt change what works.
I mean if you like it cool. But in any way do you feel it's a bit too lenient? Like come on, a headshot to a naked with a crossbow should be death. Regarding my post. It doesn't include 90% of things I'd like changed. I will probably make a short, but lengthier list of should do- changes later down the line.
I agree with everyting you said when it comes to a naked but otherwise I kinda like how you can take a few hits before dying, otherwise pvp would be a very long process most of the time because people would be too scared to try to make plays and you would need to med so often like honestly I imagine people just peeking, getting shot, medding because they are 50% health, peeking, repeat. (I know im over exaggerating but not by much)
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