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AHHH MY EYES... its so bright now!!! I am not saying that it´s bad, but why did you change the look of the Forum?
I really thought it was a mistake i made when i played with the CSS at first haha
click settings in the top right corner and add this line to your custom css @import url("https://pgsil.github.io/awfullydark2/styles.css"); this might break the site eventually, The thread for it's over here => https://forum.facepunch.com/f/general/cwkg/Facepunch-Awfully-Dark-II-Even-Darker/1/ So best to keep updated at least when it looks like it gets fucked
Ahh way better now thank you
Cool thanks.
i would prefer if words would not be splitted at the end of a line... doesn´t look well if the words got splitted-->Here for example ( if you use the small layout)
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