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Hello, What if developers will implement another NPC's that will behave like players but let's say not in the same manner. What if they create some NPC's that will become aggresive only when you attack them? I would love to travel in the north and see some Eskimo living in an igloo with maybe a wife and kids near them(or like a eskimoo small village). I would love to see in the South some Indians or Tribes fishing and riding some hours and fighting with another tribes( imagine if you camp them and loot their bodies..). Yeah, that would be a different way to look at Rust, not only survive and fighting each other, we don't need a damn Bradley tank or cars...maybe if the devs will consider to think about a new strategy to make this game more fun keeping a survival feeling.(Imagine if you're a naked in the middle of the night and suddenly you hear some indians Ayayaya on horses with torches fighting, what do you do? Well, it would be lovable to see this in Rust, or a separate mod for Rust, or why not another game with such things.
Yes, Facepunch did you hear that. This guy wants "NPC's that will behave like players". This is an awesome idea, i never thought that NPC's had to behave like players and it probably is as easy to implement as you make it sound. Why didn't we have this from day one? sarcasm
I think you get the whole point, and I think we're all tired for the same routine every time we open Rust. Well, it's my humble idea, I think it would give us new opportunities to enjoy the game; and I know this is goddamn hard to implement, but there is still hope..I guess..
Branching off this idea, maybe you could have a native american type mod, where all the tools, weapons and building are nativeamerican-ifyed. Tee-peas, facepaints, hallucinogens, horsies and tomahawks (this is all I know about native american culture, sorry, I'm an uneducated Australian) Tech would have to be limited, no guns. Tribes could be focused on as a more important part of the game. You would need a system in place to help players arrange themselves into different roles (leader, hunter/gatherer, warrior, women). Players should be rewarded for being loyal to the tribe and for pulling their weight, and punished for cowardice, being traitorous and lazy (e.g. going offline, engaging in real life). It would sort of be a re-skin/mod. Anyway, your idea would probably work better if Rust was a single player, open world RPG. We don't really need NPC tribes because players create their own.
So, kinda like the zombies from Halloween update?
Well, seeing as it was their first run I'd say it was pretty damn good. And this is precisely why I am assuming they added it it when they did, for the purpose of large scale testing. In/Out...testing completed now they can view the results and implement corrections. To the OP: I thought I remember seeing NPC's on the timeline however, it does not appear to be there now. But, this most recently has been in development. They are called Scientist's.
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