• Things I feel should be added. My ideas
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Items I would like to be able to have the option to draw enything I want on the map. It is nice to be able to mark off a location on your own map and have it saves untill server resets. Just simple drawing on the map. Roads on the roads all I see is groups of boxes barrels and a car with those things on it. But that is it. So I suggest you change up that idea and have some new things on the load. Like a military truck that hit a tree or a food delivery truck that would have some food. You can think of more ideas if you decide to try this. Also have maybe random plains fall from the sky some times and it can have some weapons. The plane can possibly be a military transport plane. Dome Ok this might not make it but what I think would be kinda cool is if there would be a huge dome over the entire island ( like in hunger games) if this gets added then you can add the ability to find and learn boats of all types. The BP can maybe spawn in the launch site. This would be an amazing addition because if you find a big enough ship. Learn it and make it then clans can do ship battles and have cannons. Like in castle age. This might sound dumb but I feel a need to have boats in this game. I would love it if you added some sort of vehicles. Then this game would be come not something that involves lots of walking but driving around. You've seen Player unknown battlegrounds right. Well they got cars that you can find. What I think is that there should be cars that don't work by if you hover over it it tells you what is wrong with it ether it needs a new battery or fuel or other resources. After you get that the car starts up and you have a working car. Also if something breaks for example the motor. It would be nice to be able to take the Moyer from your car learn it and make it with 6 gears, 50 high quality, and maybe 10 low grade. Then you add it to the car which can take maybe 10m to finish and there you go a fixed car. This is an amazing mechanic and I wish it would be added. well that is all I got for now. I hope some of you devs read this. To all who made this game that you for this amazing game we love it and will support you though out the beta of rust! Good luck -Miroslav varivoda or Revier
I know they are working on vehicle mechanics. I hope they add boats. That would be interesting. I'm so ready for Rust Pirates.
Vehicles coming very "soon" You used to be able to draw on your own crafted map but then they made default map for everyone and you can't draw on it I miss that. The plane drop idea is basically like an airdrop I wouldn't mind some more detailed barrel nodes on the roads that'd be cool. Rather see the Bradley be able to roam them first though. Alot of what you've said is coming.
Why do we need a dome to add boats though? Maybe cliffs around the edges might be better?
The thing about this is we are already on an island and changing the entire map generation won't work as well with the community. Simply making a dome around the island is enough to be able to add ships or boats
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