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In recent blogposts, the dev team for Rust talked about how they planned on adding artillery which would be used by lower level players for raiding bases when they cannot afford rocket launchers. Without a doubt in my mind, I am totally for this concept, because it would mean that ----- players which are not as good as the big groups of Rust, will be able to still put up a fight against them. One thing which is constantly passing my mind though is how exactly this artillery is going to work. Some folks have suggested that it'll be mortars which the player will have to pick up and move very slowly with, which is okay, but the one problem I see with this is that it's putting you way to much at risk for so little reward. So from this, I decided to do some research on DIY/Homemade weapons currently being used in warzones around the world, and two of the first weapons to pop up were the infamous weapons used during The Troubles and the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The first weapon, known as the Barrack Buster was used by the IRA and it's splinter factions during The Troubles. For the IRA, they needed a weapon which could be effectively used against British military checkpoints at a distance, and their method of doing this was designing an------ easy to build weapon which effectively fired modified propane tanks filled with explosives. Usually, semtex. This weapon was very effective for the amount of fear it caused to British and Ulster forces. For the longest period of time, the British only feared snipers, but now they had to--- deal with a weapon which could hit them from 250 meters away, and carried a payload of roughly one hundred kilograms of Semtex or other high explosive compounds. This weapon was so effective in fact, that it actually was used with timed-fuses to shoot down helicopters used by the British military. In fact, it is responsible for the shootdown(s) of at least three British helicopters. It has occurred to me, that this weapon would be very effective in--- Rust if it was used to shoot a combination of rocks and explosive shells, which could be crafted by anyone at the start of the game. Pictures of a Barrack Buster Mortar used by the Provisional Irish Republican Army(PIRA) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The next weapon that I would like to talk about is something which is currently being used in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. Many people have heard of this weapon, but for those who have not being keeping up with the conflict, I will now give you a small lesson in what is known as the Hell Cannon. Hell Cannon, is an umbrella term for weapons currently being used by all sides of the Syrian Civil War. Its a weapon similar to that of the IRA's Barrack Buster with the difference being that it is usually built with higher quality materials, can be fired more then ten times, and it usually had a variety of nice features such as being able to be moved around and aimed. The one major difference of the Hell Cannon to it's compared artillery pieces, is that it fires a fairly accurate shell. Built with fin stabilizers and poles which are loaded into the cannon, it has an effective range from some sources to be up to 1.5km(1500m) and it delivers a variety of ------payloads from the standard 50kg shell to a 300kg barrel bomb, and in certain reports... Has the ability to be loaded with mustard gas. The shells themselves are fairly easily built, with them only costing the rebels some explosive compounds, usually ANFO, and some metal pipes and-- such which are salvaged from destroyed vehicles and buildings. It is because of this I believe that this weapon should be added to Rust as a mid-level artillery platform which would cost a little bit, but still not anywhere near as bad as RPGs and C4. This weapon of course would have to be wheeled to battlefields for use, but once within 500m, it------ could be used to pound people's bases with barrel bombs that are capable of destroying Stone/Sheet Metal Walls with at least 10 to 15 hits. Pictures of different Hell Cannons used by different combatants in the Syrian Civil War ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are just a few artillery weapons that could be added to Rust. This doesn't include having stuff like Lob Bombs, EFP weapons, and more primitive artillery like catapults and ballistas. Overall, my hope is with this post that the Rust developers will take some inspiration and get--------get these types of weapons added to the game pronto! Almost 30 ~ 40 posts on the blog have been made since the original showing of the mortar, and we have yet to see it go anywhere. Hopefully this post changes that! P.S. Can the Rust developers please hire some weapon consultants or even ask people in the Facepunch Firearm/Weapon threads to look over their weapon designs/concept art and make sure they are technically feasible? Loads of weapons in this game would simply be impractical if not impossible to implement with the handy tools available.
Sam: "I see a naked!" Bill: "I'm loading the Artillery."
yes the idea about Artillerys wil be Roofcamers nightmare and somehow a radingtool
This sounds like a good idea. It would need to be balanced though so people cant just make 50 of them and spam them onto a base.
This has been floating in the infamous "concept limbo" for a while now. This would be a fun little implementation with a lot of practical use which is needed right now as a stabilisation in the balancing of raid tools, apart from Satchel Charges, people pretty much have no chance of raiding. Not to mention the "dud" aspect of it which makes it incredibly tedious at times. In terms of balancing the weapon itself, the Barrack Buster seems like something that could definitely fit right into Rust, with propane tank explosives being a thing it'd add more use for them other than being recycled for a petty 50 metal fragments and 1 scrap. Being fitted with gunpowder and crafted similar to bean cans, it would be the go to source of early game raiding for sure. I reckon you'd need a tool cupboard to set it up, a long with a foundation for it to rest on, and of course only one explosive at a time. However this doesn't need to do that much damage, but by judging from the use of the weapon it's definitely meant to breach walls, hence the name "barrack buster". I say foundation for a reason, no naughty roof camping! I decided to do some further research on the barrack buster and it's described as a "flying car bomb" therefore I reckon it'd pack a punch, probably more damaging than a satchel charge itself but harder to set up but definitely effective and reliable apart from the aiming of it, this is considering the fact that a car bomb or VBIED is not far from being as damaging as a rocket or C4. I don't reckon there should be two mortar type weapons in the game based of the probability of devestation they'd cause, but it's an idea that should be definitely added into the game. It should probably fire rockets, incendiary rockets, and high velocity too. Sort of like how a shotgun scales from handmades to slugs and buckshot.
All though I agree with the Barrack Buster being mounted only on foundations, I still believe that some form of weapon needs to be placed and aimed on the ground. Perhaps adding IRAMs or Lob Bombs? Both would take quiet a bit of gunpowder, metal frags, and--low grade fuel, but ideally having such weapons would allow for lower-level players to send back a care package too roof campers. I can tell you now, that if I was able to make a light mortar that fired impact-fuse beancans, I'd totally use it for shelling enemy --------bases during raids.
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