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a second thread for this?
RUST is game about buildings, so why there is no option to create your server for test building?(sry for bad eng)
there is: Rust Dedicated Server
Nice update, can't wait for that roadmap!
nice job guys, keep doing that, and making all my Thursday better
the new armor ui and the junkyard look sweet! but how about just 1 more equipment slot ;) also cant wait for the admire animations
Guys could you use the xp system for skills (velocity, jump, farming, health?...). That would be awesome and it probably will fixe the problem no-one-in-the-server-2days-after-the-wipe. sorry for my bad english, however think about it please .
Great work guys, just wanted to say older amd cards still can barely play the game. The game crashes unless i play the game on directX 10, which itself causes me to have even lower fps. This started like 7 months ago when you guys released an update but never fixed it. DirectX 9 was great until it was removed.
Nice work Helk! Nice work guys!! Keep the damn good work! Can't wait to new Building System 3.0 ! PS: New skins aren't showed at Rust Workshop (in-game)... why's that?
Really satisfied that they changed that the X appears going one way now and closer, I latterly thought that thought to my self as I was doing the minigame.
Common guys, how long till we can cook grenades and lob them by pressing G XD
I like that, thanks Devs for you Work on this Game.
Great work on updates, this game is the only one I know with that much (quality & frequently) updates, keep it up ! PS : Building 3.0 & Junkyard : PERFECT
Waiting to full Building 3.0 implementation...
Pvp balances any soon ? 🤔
Junkyard is incredible, and i'm serious. One of the most atmospheric radtowns in this game so far IMO. I bet Devblog 188 is gonna be great. Thank ya, FP!
Soooooo.... Nothing about the crazy scrap costs been altered? Nice. Solo's and duo's should find a new game to pass the time with for a while till it's balanced.
there are many servers dedicated to only building, look up "Creative" in server search or "Build"
Put GIANT METAL CLAW CRANE on the new monument pls it would look awesome!
a huge performance update is needed! People love this game but no one can run it
I really love the updates but a lot of them are crippling the solo player. I don't want to have to play with 5 people to enjoy the game. I play on monthly wipe servers bc I am a casual player maybe 1 hour a day when I work. More on the weekends but most of the game is locked to me because I can't get blueprints. I even play on low pop and solo duo trio servers and it is still nearly impossible to get all the items. As a solo player I am never going to be able to take out the tank or heli and actually hold it down while it takes 8 mins to cool off. I have tried to play a lot more hours and still cannot unlock Aks or rockets. No one is willing to sell those for reasonable prices either so please dont say trade for them. I like the idea of progression so maybe we could go to a tiered workbench system. 2500 scrap to craft tier 1 bench and then all tier 1 items are unlocked. 7500 scrap to craft tier 2 bench and all tier 2 items are unlocked and 10k scrap for tier 3 bench to unlock all tier 3 items. It would still leave progression but give solo players a chance to craft all items. The amount of scrap is almost the same as if I were to find all items and research them ( a little cheaper). The game used to be way more enjoyable now I am just running around looking for items. I don't have time to also farm, scout for bases to raid or even gather sulfur to raid. It is just like a big Easter Egg Hunt all month long. I have bought multiple copies of Rust and have spent easily over $100 on skins. I really want this game to do well but when you make it so clans or max sized groups can dominate the whole map and just restrict everyone from getting items then the game is not enjoyable. There are a lot of solo players too that we shouldn't alienate. Yes I agree the game should be easier if you have more people but the game shouldnt be impossible if you dont play with a clan. The one thing I did like about the component system was that even as a solo player I can somewhat close the gap on a clan. I could get rockets and Aks and even though I was alone I could do raids. I can no longer do any of that stuff. These updates just made the clan more powerful. Yes you achieved the goal of not everyone running around with an Ak but you stopped almost all progression past tier 2 items for the majority of your player base. I used to also love online raiding too when it was a base with not too many people but now with the new crafting you are sure to lose if you online raid. You have to bring so much supplies just so you can raid a base. You have to make sure you have enough ladders, enough explosives, enough ammo, enough meds and if you forget anyone of those things you have to run all the way back to your base to craft more and that gives the person time to put more doors on and more walls. Online raiding is pretty much done with the new crafting system. Its even happened to me when I offlined someone. I brought enough explosives to go through 12 doors. There were a few more than that but there was no way I could know bc I cant see inside the base. Had to go back to my base to craft more even though I had all the mats from the base I was raiding just no workbench. I guess the guy logged on and he just put more doors back on. I wasted hours because I had to run back to craft them. If i could have crafted like the old days I would have got the loot. Thanks for making such a great game. Please dont forget about the little guy not everyone plays on a team. If these changes are possible then please let me just have a stand alone single version that doesnt need internet. lol I would rather play by myself on a server with no one then spend days out of my month on Rust to achieve pretty much nothing.
would it be possible to be able to wear road-sign kilt, metal helmet, metal chest plate, pants boots, gloves, and a shirt? that would be a cool little something you guys could work on to make the entire community happy.
Join a server with no blueprints, problem solved.
Actually it doesn't solve the problem. Type in No BP and search for a server. I play on low pop servers but there is a difference between low pop and dead. Those modded servers are dead. Not to mention they are NOT pure Vanilla with the exception of BPs. They are usually modded in other ways like teleportation, x1000 gather, auto doors, instant smelt, ladder blocked etc.
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