• High Quallity Metal
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I think that HQM needs to be easier to find all this game is, is grinding and some people play the game for PVP and not so much of the grinding, so if u could can u make the HQM a little easier to get. Example rifle body use to give 10 HQM now it only gives and now it only gives 2, I think that every thing that you can recycle for HQM should get just a little more. Thank you
HQ was way too easy to get previously. I think its in a good balance now.
HQM in balance. Changes not needed. Use quarry, recycle components, destroy APC and dig HQM from it.
Hq isn't too much of a problem. It's the scrap costs that are a killer grind
LOT of players not want to see full HQM armour and AK players after 1-2 day from wipe.
Then they best start playing in a community solo duo trio server, because after a day, larger groups have Aks and full armour. It's unavoidable. These recent updates with the inclusion of the bp system, scrap research and decrease in grindables just make the game harder. To the OP, if you want more hq metal you have no choice but to spend those extra few hours finding it. That's the way facepunch seem to want it. Punish the small and solo squads by creating an even greater time sink and Reward the larger clans by stamping out any resistance by denying smaller groups the chance to defend themselves.
I find that scrap and hq are easy to find you just need to concentrate on farm or killing people farming for exemple yesterday i brought 300 scrap in 1h and like 50 hq in 1h
HQM is good the way it is... It was too easy! If can't farm enough ore to get enough HQM, maybe you should start recycling a little bit more...
I agree. You just have to recycle a ton to get HQM, which is ok for me.
guess I just use the extra HQ to make my base Armored. have fun satchel raiding that.
Its a balance of living near scrap and nodes. Just finished a biweekly solo/duo/trio server wtih over 1k hqm from farming/recycling. The other hqm went to guns and armored doors/walls. We had the opposite problem of there being too much.
Yeah, I always have way too much HQM and nothing to learn with it, but I don't play on Official servers, so maybe bi-weekly just isn't long enough. I'd actually REALLY like to be able to turn HQM into Scrap.
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