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Can I suggest the creation of a "Skull wall" or some such thing. It would be an added feature to your house where can deposit the skulls of those you kill. It would add to a tally of the players that you have killed since last reset. So if you walk past a house they might have a wall with a long poll attached to it, with a skull on the end. You can interact with that wall and see who that players has killed. If you want to take it further, you could allow that wall to access a leader board so you can see who has accumulated the most skulls. I think it would add a cool dynamic to the game and gives PvP a little more direction. It also creates the goal of kill the best player, provided that player wanted to accumulate skulls and get himself on the leader board. Please make some noise if you like the idea.
Yes, i want too )
I had some further thoughts on this. Additional skulls are deposited by the builder into the poll. As more skulls are deposited, the totem itself would improve. At 10 skulls it would have 2 polls with a skulls on the ends, and some bones would be at the base of the polls. At 20 skulls you would have 3 polls, flies, a small mound of bones around the totem poll. This way, if you're walking past someones base and they have an advanced totem poll out the front, you're thinking "I better get the hell out of dodge". Also, you don't get a skull for killing a player who spawned in the last 2 mins?
This is a good idea. Sadly my bad PVP skills means the only skulls that will be on any wall will be my own.
skulls ++
I think it would be a better idea if we could stick sticks in the ground with craniums, as a warning signal. In addition, the skulls can be placed in any room and on the wall, just as the lamp and the wall lamp can be placed. With this way it is not necessary to create exterior walls with skulls, but rather that the skulls can stick to those walls as objects.
This was discussed by Devs previously. Watch this concept limbo episode.
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