• Snow region should be reduced
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Am I the only one who thinks that snow area is ridiculously big? I like the idea that map is divided into 3 tiers, but does the third tier have to be covered in snow? I don't know many people who build in the snow biome. It might be just my personal view, but I think the snow biome is ugly, and hard to live in. So is the ugly orange grass which is around mountains and snow biome. Does anyone else think the snow biome should be reduced by at least a half? Thank you for your opinion.
Big snow biome are perfect, low armour, need more food... Nice.
The figuring here is that by the time you are ready to hit to Tier 3 environmental it is guessed that you already are geared enough to withstand the brutality of the snow.
And what exactly are you supposed to do there? Any roads or monuments, are way too far from majority of the snow biome possible base locations
That is the point. And to clarify the maps are procedural. This means that every map is different , which also means that monuments will be different every map
I hate the snow so much, it's a pain to walk in let alone being forced to build in it just to be next to a good monument. They definitely need to re think how much of the map will be taken up by snow. (I'm pretty sure it's the fog/frost look that appears when you are in the biome that makes it look like shit.)
I like orange grass. Please do not speak badly of orange grass ever again. Thank you for listening.
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